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HEY ! 
Its Brundy ! Im going to be updating my story every Wednesday from know on !!! P.S i am in the middle of re-typing the chapters so look for the chapters that say (Rewritten) it may not say that I updated but check anyways ! OH...and your support means soooo much to me like you have no idea so yeah go read, vote, and fan !!!!

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Chained (ON HOLD)
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*Chapter 1*
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Drunken Mistake?
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I'm Sorry, Who's Your Mate?
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I always listen to music...Im listening to music now...Hell i listen to music during school...That would be the reason why i have 2 D's ANYWAYS !...

@aftaskewninja Its kinda obvious (:
Forever Mates

hahah its the dad (:
Forever Mates

Its really good ! Thats how i feel and i write like that so dont worry every one has different feelings and i totally feel how your feeling !
A Suicide That Will Not Die

I want Harley and Oliver together (: they would be so cute (:
Believe Me, I'm Lying