Status: im recommending undiscovered stories to forums, pm if you want me to reccomend yours =] (3 years ago)


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Im not much of a writer but i LOVE to read! So i love this site as when ive had enough with reading my books over and over i can come on here to read your FABB stories! :D

i <3 Reading.
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Keep writing!!!

ive come up with a great concept: I will recommend you stories, and others for you to read. Since i don't write i will recommend stories to my fans so in the end every one of my fans will have their story recommended to my fans and forums. All you have to do is read the story i currently recommend, pm me yours & FAN ME! THANKS. (UNDISCOVERED ONLY - i believe it helps authors get their story out there. plus it gives me something to read)

Currently Recommended Story: Not So Heavenly - JunebugEmma   - - :)

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eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! i love that place! i want to be a spy!
Undiscovered Secrets

Undiscovered Secrets

I love the new title and cover, i may have said it to you before but i really do! lik the way you change frm 3rd person to diff characters to giv...
Undiscovered Secrets

im ADDICTED to this =]
Undiscovered Secrets

Im catching up on the story :D
Undiscovered Secrets