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As an English teacher in Australia, I have had the privilege of sharing my enthusiasm for the craft of writing for over ten years now. 

Though I have less time to write for myself than I would like, it's something I am exceptionally passionate about, and take very seriously. I value the relevant and thoughtful feedback people leave on my work, as it's fuel for further inspiration and improvement.

Most of all, I like the idea that a reader can become immersed in a story and truly empathise with my characters, the way I did in my teen years reading Jordan and Eddings. There is something incredibly satisfying and about being able to reconstruct the images from my mind, in someone else's; it is a powerful feeling to think that a reader smiles, cringes, and feels sadness at the same places that I did when I was creating a scene.

Inspiration comes from no one source, and like a ninja strikes most often when I least expect it. I love to sleep, as I'm a very vivid, and often lucid, dreamer, unconsciously weaving stories with full musical accompaniment. Most of the time I'm lucky enough to remember, and elements from many dreams have influenced stories I've written.

I have indulged my imagination for a long time, and recall with great fondness, countless lunch breaks in primary school writing and performing short plays for my classmates. Later in my teens I fell into online roleplaying, enjoying the way stories could be told in a collaborative way. I likened each new storyline to a living novel, a tale of multiple fictional characters entwined in a common setting, but each driven by a different author. 

Now, my time is divided between teaching, playing with my two dogs Om Nom and Truffle, writing, and playing computer games.

Please don't ask me for reviews or advertise on my board; I'm sorry, but don't have the reading time.
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Reforging The Vow (Book Two of The Amarithian)

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Description: Sequel to 'Amarith'. With the immense power of one of the world's creators now hers, Amarith is forced to face the destruction for which she is partially responsible. Kalorea has been thrown into turmoil; even as mortal societies struggle to deal wi...

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BrionyHeneberry commented on Reluctant Death - Into Purgatory

Lesley, I wish I could tell you - I absolutely HATE this 'new improved' way to view a chapter.

From what I can see, it ends with 'Three abreast they crossed the threshold' and then there are three empty sections.

I wish they (See:Wattpad staff who feel the need to fix what wasn't broken) would just leave well enough alone.
BrionyHeneberry commented on Reluctant Death - The Song of Duty

I'm warmed by your outrage on my behalf, but in discussion with a Wattpad community representative, I've learned that a comment being flagged as potentially offensive is automatic, and is triggered by key words that are often used in threats and other such nasty behaviours. :)

Was my explanation of the dream helpful at least?

Additionally, the ads are atrocious.

I suppose it all comes down to what Wattpad actually 'stands for' - that thing I joined for, the community, the sharing, the unadulterated experience unspoiled by capitalism - and the 'reality' of whether it could legitimately operate without the intrusion, sometimes, as it has also been pointed out, mid WORD. Really?

Sadly I understand that you have people to pay, mouths to feed and all that, but recent 'improvements' and new additions are not only turning me off Wattpad as a platform to share my writing with readers for free, but also as a reading platform. :(

I do have something else to add here -

I was responding to a reader's comment on one of my stories (no advertising here of course), and afterwards, the user drew my attention, in consternation, to the fact that MY post on MY story was flagged 'may be offensive'.
I've seen this before, and on my own stories when someone else has posted something (an obscenity for instance - in this case I believe it was flagged because I used the word 'rape' since I was explaining a scenario from that chapter), however, I have never seen my own posts flagged.
In the past I've had the option of declaring a potentially offensive post as safe, but this has mysteriously gone missing!

Where has it gone?

I'm seeing a few people here commenting on how they dislike the 'new reading experience', and as a user of Wattpad for years now, I'm sad to say that I have to agree.

It is tremendously difficult to keep your place when a page loads slowly - the page will jerk up and down. I couldn't even get down to respond to a comment on one of my stories, because every time I scrolled down, I was dragged back up through the story.

This is a definite backward step for functionality and easy of use, both as a writer and a reader. If it ain't broke, don't fix it; the chapter system as it was, was fine, functional, and easy, now it is not.