Soo my name's Branda :)
If you haven't realized, I like to read and write.
And I don't know what else to write... awk
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The Mysterious Enemy

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Description: With her ex-stalker locked up in a super-maximum prison, Lila can finally live in peace, no worries, nothing. Summer vacation has just rolled around the corner and she plans to have an adventure. But sometimes things don’t go her way. Someone is p...

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The Mysterious Hero

The Mysterious Hero

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During the day she's shy, quiet, and reserved. But during the night she's beautiful, confident, and a se...

Death House

Death House

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Nora Holland hates her life, but she hates it even more when she and her mother move to a small, boring...

Hey branda, im a young user on watt-pad, and since im young i love movies rigth? so im going to get to the point, ure book mysterious hero is good enough to be a movie lik seriously. anyway love your work.
RoseJule posted a message to BrilliantBranda
Hey, I just want to say I love your story The Mysterious Hero, and I was wondering how you made the cover picture for your story.  It's really cool.
Hi everyone! It's me here and yes I'm still alive! I want to apologize for the extremely long wait (it's been months). I'm sorry to keep all of you waiting and I want to say thank you to those of you that have read The Mysterious Hero and thank you for patiently waiting for the next chapter in The Mysterious Enemy. I'm surprised that soo many of you love reading the story. I have every intention to finish the story. I will never abandon it. From now on you can look forward to timely updates! Also, thank you for the support! Okay now you guys can go read chapter six! Enjoy! :)
I love your story a lot and I know that Wattpad can be stressful and make you not want to update your stories anymore so I'm not going to get on your case about it but I want you to know that I would love it if you updated The Mysterious Enemy.  Please don't feel the need to do it just because all these people are telling you, you should be writing for yourself, not for them, but I just want you to know that people still care about your stories :)