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Ever since I found out, 3 days ago, I'd been bawling my eyes out every night. I'd told Dad it was from the stress from school, and thank god, he believed me. I guess it was hormones that made me this...
she didnt really say how long it had been since they had sex. just that she found out

It was now Wednesday and I was getting a little better. When I was with my friends or at school I was ok. The thought of my miscarriage and everything didn’t really come to mind when I was distract...
@ItsMorgannnn  it was a miscarriage because she didn't give birth. they had to remove the baby.

“I- I- umm…I don’t think- I,” the embarassment grew warmer in my cheeks as I stumbled over my words. I felt like I was letting Caden down because I wasn’t ready to go this far in this relat...
@Tfios__Erika123  in the authors note at the beginning it said that jake was caden and caden was jake, because she was in the middle of changing the name and didn't get them all.