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Lydia's Liberation

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A fleshed out version of an event taken from my first published wattpad book, "Baba". The first of - I...

Fucked Up

Fucked Up

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A very strange, almost hallucinogenic piece, ramblings really...based on one of my very vivid and dark d...

Camping by Water

Camping by Water

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A short account outlining the turbulent life of my parents and the relationship I have with my father.

Hey there!!! Thanks for following! :) I'm sorry Dearest Quentin made you cry. It's a story very close to my heart... I wrote it for/about my little sister.
Please leave comments if you wish - good or bad.  Constructive criticism is good, no? ;)
All these pieces are unfinished and I shall be working on them over the next few weeks.  They are ramblings from years ago.  I found them and published rather hastily.  They need a lot more work.  Oh, and I need to learn how to WRITE AN ENDING!

Thank you to anyone who has read any of my drivvel, I hope I brought a semblance of interest or intrigue into your life.