"Sometimes I have to swallow my tears to produce that crooked little smile they love''
      So Today is the day I decide to change up my bio ^-^
      Anywhoo,if you continue reading this,it's gonna be a long one,so be prepared.!(:
      ℱacts about ℳe!ツ
      -I'm a tomboy girly girl,if that makes sense!n.n As in,I❤ to do do my hair,nails,makeup,but I hate the color pink,skirts,etc. c;
      -I'm ugly,fat,and PROUD.!シ
      -I am ✿13✿ years young.!
      -Oh you think I'm nice and bubbly.? Read my stories c;
      -As corny as it sounds,I genuinely want world peace☯☮✌
      -I'm a hippie c: 
      -Apparently I'm anorexic because I don't enjoy food
      -I feel ugly because I'm black/mexican☻and not ☺white or asian 
      -I tend to trust people유 too fast 
      -I can't spell very well❢
      -I am ℘oetic/artistic❀✎
      -I am currently in depression,though you probably can't tell. My mindset is,'If I act happy,I'll become happy.'
      -I'm Buddhist,but I wont diss your religion c:
      -I'm Single [✔]
      STUFF I LOVE❤♡♥
      -Mii Familia ✷
      -My Friends[That means you,☞Tiffani-Boo☜
      -Nuttella xD
      -The Color Purple[Book]
      -Hello Kitty
      -My hair,I effin' love my hair to death
      -Little kids
      -Country Boys. I just am deathly in LOVE with country boys. That accent.!Mmmph.!
      -Pierce the Veil 
      -System Of A Down
      -Hot Showers 
      -My phone ☎ and texting ✉ 
      -Elderly People 
      -Pink Starbursts&Blue Jolly Ranchers
      -Jenna Marbles,Shane Dawson,Smosh,YFM,Tobuscus
      -Boys with DEEP voices.!So yummy c:
      -Etc.! I just cant think of it right now.!Haha!(:
      THINGS I HATE D:< 
      -Girls who say 'OMG' in real life
      -People who are like,'If you cut yourself then you might as well kill yourself -_- 
      That's it,I mean,there's other things that get on my nerves but I cant really think of them all at once.!Haha.!(:
      Anywhoo,if you'd like to know more bout me,then message me or something.!
      Have a nice day.!✪♡
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