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Hello there! For those of you who give a flying whoop about me, here is a list of random stuff you should know. 

1. I have a lovely cat named Jack (who is my profile pic).
2. There isn't a lot of music that I refuse to listen to, but I absolutely ADORE bluegrass.
3. Pennsylvania is the awesomest place in the world. Yeah, I'm biased, but we have the most unique citizens, the best weather, history, and the most beautiful nature in the world. :)
4. I collect old and antique books of all kinds. The older the better! (And the more unique, as I love weird stuff!)
5. Reading is my passion and obsession. 
6. A hammock is my haven. 
7. I say everything goes with a pair of jeans and sneakers. Especially tee shirts and camoflage. 
8. I've done Envirothon since third grade, winning first place twice--in 2011, we swept the competition away in every category, only missing 9 points out of the 300 total. This past spring, we came in third place, even though it was our first year in the high school division.
9. I'm one of those people that aww whenever and wherever I see a cute animal. 
10. National Geographic is my all time favorite magazine!
11. I know the best bassist in America, Lena Goodson. Yay Lena!
12. I have a soft spot for rednecks, southerners, farmers, and outdoorsman. Hard workers are my favorite type of people!
13. I can make just about anything with polymer clay and can kind of knit. Pure awesomeness!
     Okay, I'm tired of talking about myself now, so adios! In the words of Jed Clampett, "Come on back, y'all, ya hear?"

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