Hey! It's "MADNESS" (PROUD to be a FILIPINO)
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      - hungry
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      - nice
      - listener
      - MAN-HATER
      - PRIDE
      ~haha! Totoo yung man-hater& ma-PRIDE. Pasensha ^o^ in-born na kase yan -_-V Mabait ako sa mabait. Pero kung Binastos mo naman ako, wag kang magtataka kung babastosin din kita! Got it? Nice ako sa friends :) mabait sa HATERS/ENEMYS ;) Maldita din ako. ARAW-ARAW. Lalo na kung STRANGER ka. Pero pag friends na tayo, MAHAL na agad kita ;) Pero as friend/kapatid lang. Mahal ko friends&family ko. Maganda at Sexy OvO JOKE XD lol. Hahaha! Di kagandahan pero nire-respeto! Kaya, RESPETO MEHN!! Prangka din. hahahahaha! :p As i said, moody nga. Pero masaya kasama. Bungisngis kung baga. Pero i cry a LOT! As in A LOT lol \m/ Pihikan sa pagkain. in short, MAARTE sa foods. Madaming ayaw. Like, IPIS XD lol. Lizards, rats, snakes, thunder/lightning etc. chuvas! Hehe. Dami pa actually. Pero yan na muna kase baka MAGULANTANG lang kayo! Juuk :D A lot more about me. But there's only two word I always do. "SMILE&LAUGH" di ako baliw. Okey? And also, I SO MUCH LOVE&ADORE GOD♥ Sooo, yun lang ;)))))))))) I promise ONE THING, magkakasundo tayo. Whoever you are ^^v
      Love lots,
         BeaÜ A.K.A Madness★YourWorstNightmare.
      "Keep CLOSE to you're FRIENDS and CLOSER to your ENEMY"
      And OHH! I so much LOVE GD and TOP. Ghad! Deds na deds!
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