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My Child. My Angel.

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Description: Aurora, raped and pregnant at the mere age of sixteen, finds herself living in an orphanage after her foster parents kick her out. She, alone, faces the battles of pregnancy in a place that doesn’t feel like home. Her parents died when she was you...

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Forbidden Love

Forbidden Love

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Bethany and Cayden are twins who are separated at birth because their mom was unstable. Cayden was adopt...

Booklover4lyfe commented on She will be loved - Chapter 13

I only read the first chapter, but from that I can tell you that this chapter is a very big improvement. I actually want to read more to find out what is going on. Don't get me wrong, the first chapter was good, but had its weak points (you can see in my comment). I am kind of wandering what I missed, but that's okay. If I have time I will go back through and read it.

I noticed a few grammar issues, but those can be easily fixed with editing. I was lost with the journal entries, but read in the comments that wattpad hates you. So, maybe keep trying to see if it will let you italicize it or make it bold. Just do something so that the readers know that they are reading the journal.

Again, I love how descriptive you are. I do not like Harry being stalkerish, but I guess all of us are like that at some point in our lives with the people we have a crush on or just have any kind of feelings for. If my boyfriend had a journal I would want to read it.

Great chapter!
Booklover4lyfe commented on She will be loved - Chapter 1

I'm going to start off by telling you that I am not a very big fan of fanfics. I personally think it would just be better to come up with your own names, etc. However, I do get why people like them.

So, I read the summary having no clue that this was fanfiction and I thought it sounded interesting and something I may eventually get into reading. But, when I came to the start of this chapter I wasn't feeling it so much. The mood in the summary is so much different than the mood in this chapter. I would have expected the chapters to kind of feel the same way as the summary.

I like your style of writing and you are very descriptive. It allows the reader to picture what is happening in their head.

I feel like something more needs to happen with this chapter to draw readers in to make them want to continue reading. If I picked this up and started reading it I am not sure if I would continue reading it. The beginning wasn't that great, but closer to the middle it left me wandering what is going to happen in the rest of the book. 

Sorry if this was a little harsh, I don't believe in sugarcoating things when it comes to writing because being a writer and a reader I like to know the truth of what people really think.

Hey. I would like a critique when you have the time please. The title of my story that I would like critiqued is My Child. My Angel. It is only about six chapters so if you could do at least three that would be great. The summary could use a critique as well. I'm looking for a critique because I know my story isn't flawless and I am hoping that by getting an in depth critique on part of my story will help me fix the other chapters I already and the future chapters that I will write. I will tell you ahead of time that I know for a fact that I have a problem with grammar and tenses when writing. It's something I am trying to fix so I don't mind hearing about it.