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Well i love books, anything novels teen fiction just anything ,  but I like interesting books with intense action and the romance with twists :) i love wattpad and i love books which keep you on edge and not the expected Cliché things happen :) 
A bit about me : im a girl, im a teenage girl,Im British :D and i love a good cuppa :) i like fashion ,i hate people who judge others ,i hate people who are hypocritical,i hate people who make other people fell worthless (SIT DOWN) ,i LOVE nutella ,i was obsessed with nick jonas ,i am a twitter addict ,i am a chiller ,i rap ,i sing,i draw,i write books ,lyrics, poems ,i give advice ,i always crack jokes ,sometimes i like to be serious , if i need to say something i will say it to your face
i hate when people wear makeup on there face like they coloured it with crayola, i like classy people,i like nachos, like chocolate cake , biscuits but not chocolate bars ,i have flexible eyelids , i am not a gossiper ,i love my independence as an only girl but have 2 stupid brothers,i wear what i like but keep it classy, i like to shop , i get tired quickly on hot days,.i LOVE converse ,i have different moods when i meet different people ,i hate people who laugh for EVERYTHING,i hate when people walk around like wannabes (be yourself cuz everyone else is taken) , my name means intelligent and understanding,my dad is my personal taxi and bank LOL,i dont like people who try to be someone else to fit in ,i am unique , im straight forward ,im not shy , i HATE people who act like theyr the only voice that matters and everyone else is irrelevant(psh i make more sense than you) . i hate gangs of girls acting Superior, people say i look familiar, i love my laptop and phone, im a nerd at some things,I THINK EVERYONE IS BEAUTIFUL..including YOU! and if your still reading YOU ,yes YOU are AWESOME:D, i LOVE TVD ,Teen Wolf, 90210 etc so thats a bit about me if you like what you read  please fan :)

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Ah loving this book read it all so far today nicely written and I LOVE books that are not cliche have a popular boy and mysterious/bad boy in it...
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