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My name is Bonnie and I live in Cork in Ireland. 

I love reading and listening to music. 

I have so many favourite authors and musicians, so I'm not spending forever writing them all down! 

I will read any books you recommend to me if I have time :D 

I'm not bothered to write books myself, because I'm stupid xD

Wow, I only found this website a while ago - and it's amazing :D 

The writers on this are awesome. 

My penpal, Sarah, actually recommended it to me. 

We've been friends for, like, ages and she's so cool. 

Her books are brilliant - you should check them out :D

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You Made Me Fall, But That's Okay

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@SwingMyHipsAndGiggle I agree with Sarah!
You Made Me Fall, But That'...

Luuurrrvvvee This Chapter :)
You Made Me Fall, But That'...

AMAZING! Gosh, I'm so glad they didn't break up. I was just like, Phew :P Love that Calvin Harris song :D
You Made Me Fall, But That'...

Superly-duperly amazing :D
You Made Me Fall, But That'...

This is really cool & original :D definitely worth a vote - adding it to my library so I can read more of it later :D
The Art of Getting Laid