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Hi :) My name is Hailey

Writing is not my first passion, but I still love it! My goal is to complete one of my books and get it published :D

-Get 25 fans! [X]
-Get 50 fans! [  ]
-Finish a book! [  ]
-Get 50 Votes! [X]
-Get 75 Votes![X]
-Get 100 votes! [  ]

Fun facts:
-Reading is definitely one of my favourite things to do!
-Cassandra Clare is my all time FAVOURITE authour!! :D
-I went to culinary school for Baking and Pastry Arts ! And I'm now officially a pastry chef!
-I obviously like exclamation points... ;)
-I'm a very kind, honest, and outgoing person :)

Ask me any questions if you want to or send me lovely little messages :) Also, I would love to read anyone's works, so post a link!


Stolen Breaths

Stolen Breaths

6 parts / 11 pages, updated Apr 12, 2012PG
Ayla Everette enters her last high school year believing everything is going to flow smoothly until graduation day. She meets a boy, excels in her classes, and loves her fami... read more
548 reads votes 1 comments 2
Maybe Crazy

Maybe Crazy

16 parts / 20 pages, updated Apr 12, 2012PG
'My parents think I'm crazy. I don't think I am. I'm just different...' Seventeen year old Elizabeth is being sent to a 'home' for mentally endangered teenagers. The 'home' is c... read more
5,966 reads votes 102 comments 50
Care To Take Me Hostage?

Care To Take Me Hostage?

5 parts / 7 pages, updated Apr 10, 2011PG-13
You would think that being a hostage would be a horrible thing, but for Dawn it's the last choice she has left... Her kingdom is at the hands of her father who wish... read more
2,141 reads votes 55 comments 24
Magic's Touch

Magic's Touch

2 parts / 3 pages, updated Mar 13, 2011PG
The citizens of Drowmiur are terrified of magic because of their cruel King. Anyone who is seen using magic is inducted into the King's Army, only to be used for the King's ... read more
528 reads votes 12 comments 2
That Girl

That Girl

9 pages, updated Nov 21, 2010PG
If you had to choose between your best guy friend and the hottest boy in school, who would you choose? Annabelle struggles through this decision and high school with help from her loving friends.
355 reads votes 5 comments 2
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No problem :)
Us vs Them

Your stories are always brilliant and original! You're by far my favourite author on Wattpad :)
Us vs Them

@mimimichelle99 I will :) I'm in culinary school right now with only a month left, and all my time is put into that. I'll update when I'm done...
Care To Take Me Hostage?

@Lauren_GoldyLocks hi :) thank you! More will be coming in three months, I'm sorry for the long wait but I am currently enrolled in culinary...
Care To Take Me Hostage?

Thanks :D I'm glad you like it! I hope to have more up in three months as I'm busy with culinary school for now :)
Maybe Crazy