HI! Welcome to my page. I'm a Virgo, long walks on the beach, and um... yeah that it's! :) I love to read lots of book (So i really have no life... jk), listen to music like country, pop, and alternative, play the piano (learning how to play it and hope to be the next Mozart), and hanging out with my friends and family. If you need someone to talk to, i'm the chick who will listen to you. 

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Description: This are book reviews about Wattpad and published books. They are from the typically genres, romance, humor, fan fiction (yes i will read fan fic, justin bieber is where I draw the line), and horror... Well, I'll let my friend read the horror and re...

Ugh, so i made a comment, but it was deemed as offensive because I was stating something. It may have seem offensive to some people, but to shorten it up. Saying that you'll stop reading won't make her change her mind about the story. It's her story and she can write it however she wants it. If she kills off a character, she killed them off. It might help with some character development later on. Anyway, I applaud writers on here who kill some major characters off because not only they later on make a great story, but show others that death can come whenever, during sad or happy times. 
Sorry that this is long ma'am, but I just wanted to say it and I think you posted about this problem early... or maybe it was someone else. Any who, I hope that had a wonderful birthday and hope that your wishes came true!