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BlueAngelDiamond commented on Dear Cinderella - Chapter 3

I got hit in the face with the dodge ball more times than I could count. I’m sure there will be a bruise by the end of the day or early tomorrow. I truly hate gym more than anything else in this fr...
gym was easy, if you hate so much should have took it freshman year to have it over and done with
BlueAngelDiamond commented on Dear Cinderella - Chapter 1

            Since this was an advanced English class there was a computer at every desk. The school decided since we did a lot of creative writing in this class that they would just give u...
People whose household can't afford one it's either pay the rent put food on the table ....
BlueAngelDiamond commented on Fragile Heart - Chapter 2

Shaking my head to snap myself out of my thoughts, I rinse off and turn off the shower water. Stepping out, I dry myself and head to get dressed. Throwing on sweatpants and a hoodie that hang off my...
Some kids would be happy to a phone that call & text not everyone can afford to have a phone with all the bells and whistles in it plus paying for a service plan along with it ...
BlueAngelDiamond commented on Fragile Heart - Chapter 2

Anyway, Marc has hated me since my mom died. And that's because I look so much like her. I have her shoulder length dirty blonde hair, big green eyes, small nose, and a face full of freckles. The onl...
She doesn't have to wait until she 18 she get emancipated take her brother away finish high school online or get a GED get a job while her brother is in school also there are legitimate work at home jobs that can work around her schedule