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BlueAngelDiamond commented on Daddy Unknown - Chapter 25

He entered her bedroom, expecting to find her waiting for him. Instead, she laid on top of the covers with the quilt still wrapped around her; softly snoring.
Awe she won't be your entertainment it'll just be you and your hand
BlueAngelDiamond commented on My Shy Human Mate - Time Off

Im sorry vut i w
Sorry to hear that you aren't feeling well. I don't think the real reason is that Zayn left 1D. Writers block maybe the real reason or a personal issue. Zayn will pursue other projects so you haven't heard the last of him.  1st he needs to recuperate,  get himself & his personal life back in order.
BlueAngelDiamond commented on Glass Sneakers - 5th ♔

“Mid-waist is okay, but nothing shorter than that.” My current back-up plan was to, still, sell my hair later. I needed every means of getting an income
hair model would bring in more income then selling it

After i was done with the picture, i was then invted to take picture at the reception, aparantly i am amazing and the photographer that was hired for the reception, plane got delayed.
After I was done with taking pictures, I was asked to takes photos of the reception.  Apparently since I am amazingly wonderful plus they like my work verses the other Photographer also due to that person plane being delayed.  ( I'm was testing to see if revising this a little sounds better.  I'm not trying not step on your toes or anything. )