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BlueAngelDiamond commented on The alphas young mate - Chapter 7

Your story has potential. Your grammar is a little off. Both of her mates cheated on her and you know the old saying once a cheater always a cheater.  She maybe only 14 but I would have rejected both of them and not forgiven them so easily. They would have to work very hard to be given a long with building trust again. If she was a few years older I would give them a taste of their own medicine. To bad she has mates that are little more than boys, I'd take a real man over a boy any day
BlueAngelDiamond commented on Alpha's Shy Mate - Chapter 5

I laid her in my bed and change her clothes into my shirt and that made me so happy
I hope the bedding was changed since he the slut in bed that morning & before they relations brand new bedroom furniture.  Think how you feel being in the same bed that he had countless of girls in.