Hi there ! Well, 'About Me's are surely awkward to write,lol, but well here's a lil something about me..

I absolutely love to read good fiction stories !! I like to write, sketch and dance too. I'm often labelled 'creative' and yeah, have to say I completely agree with that ;)

For now I'm writing two stories, if u have the time, go ahead, read them, especially 'A Forlorn Hope' cz I personally feel its better than my other story  (What? Ya, I am honest ! ) and has a gripping and captivating plot,here's the link http://www.wattpad.com/4402017-a-forlorn-hope-chapter-1#.UcRszzvItbY. I'd really love to know your opinion on my story, so if you're a romance lover, go and read it right away! And don't forget to comment and vote ! :D  And if you wanna follow, well go ahead, cz I like to make new friends :)

http://www.facebook.com/blossom.bloom.359 Its my Facebook account, if u have one, u can add me.

So yeah, that's about it, catch you later ! :)
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Fighting Unknown Attraction

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Description: She was laughing with her two friends when she came out of the class, but when her eyes landed on him, she was herself surprised by how quickly her smile disappeared. He was talking to one of the popular girls of college. Just the sight of him broug...

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A Forlorn Hope

A Forlorn Hope

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'Love frees you, but it's also the one to bind you -- in ways unknown.' When long buried secrets of the...

Blossom13 commented on Charades - Chapter 2

@Blossom13 n before I forget 'playing dirty' is my newest fav! ryan n raya love their sizzling chemistry n d story line. nicky hurt him real bad :( n pls upload it soon? Can't wait to read it! :) n nw m gonna shut up! :D
Blossom13 commented on Charades - Chapter 2

Roseeeeeee!!!! have u changed the original story line of charades????????? I read it many many months back n it was an altogether different lovely story wid wch I fell im love wid! the last time I remember I reading something like Katherine getting a cold n shivering when she was rescued by the hero (god I can't believe I forgot his name!! :( :'( its been thaat long) as she wandered searching for the rabbit! Pls pls pls reply rose, I reaaally wanna know! 

oh n u knw I wonder if u still remember me,  I was one of the first few to fall in love wid 'a penny's..' n I remember waiting for ur lovely uploads wid bated breath!! 

P.S 'A penny..' was the first historical fiction I read on wattpad and since then I hv been in love wid d genre. THNK U SO MUCH ROSE for igniting that love for historical romances in me.!! :* :) I knw its been agessssss since I actually posted a comment on ur stories bt belive mw wen I say it that I hv been reading ur stories n lovinf them too :') n nw I'm gonna be regularly commenting so dt u don't forget me this time around!  

Love ur stories. love ur writing, n like I said a million times in ' a penny..' u r an inspiration fr me wen it cms to writing. 
lol another one of my long comments on ur stories bt well dis one ws long overdue!  cya, catch ya soon! :)

Hi there,  you wonderfully talented author! This is handsdown one of the bestest works I hv ever read! The delicate way in which you handled cookie's and fiona's relationship, the impeccable way in which you wrote it and the very mature and realistic way in which it was handled- gal I fell in love with the way you write! Moreover this is one of those rarest stories in which the hero doesn't fall in love at the first glance bt in fact is disappoint, the way in which he comes around and the gradual ways in wch the characters change and mature- I love that underlying tone of subtlety in it. You are such a great writer dear, this is so inspiring to a person like me who wants to someday write literature of this quality and depth. :) So yeah in all I love your work if  hvnt already established that fact :D And now I'm gonna read every other story that you have written,  have already added ot to my library!  kudos for everything!  :)