Hi there ! Well, 'About Me's are surely awkward to write,lol, but well here's a lil something about me..
      I absolutely love to read good fiction stories !! I like to write, sketch and dance too. I'm often labelled 'creative' and yeah, have to say I completely agree with that ;)
      For now I'm writing two stories, if u have the time, go ahead, read them, especially 'A Forlorn Hope' cz I personally feel its better than my other story  (What? Ya, I am honest ! ) and has a gripping and captivating plot,here's the link http://www.wattpad.com/4402017-a-forlorn-hope-chapter-1#.UcRszzvItbY. I'd really love to know your opinion on my story, so if you're a romance lover, go and read it right away! And don't forget to comment and vote ! :D  And if you wanna follow, well go ahead, cz I like to make new friends :)
      http://www.facebook.com/blossom.bloom.359 Its my Facebook account, if u have one, u can add me.
      So yeah, that's about it, catch you later ! :)
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Description: 'Love frees you, but it's also the one to bind you -- in ways unknown.' When long buried secrets of the past are revealed many things are put at stake, including Isis' love. What happens when Isis, a 19 year old, simple and innocent girl knows that...

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Fighting Unknown Attraction

Fighting Unknown Attraction

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She was laughing with her two friends when she came out of the class, but when her eyes landed on him, s...

Blossom13 commented on Falling Slowly - Epilogue

She's dead??.. God..  I chocked up gal. Why cudnt u give it a happy ending pls? I mean I know realistically this is what happens but at least for the sake of story, sometimes happy endings feel hopeful u know..
      But nevertheless beautifully written, marvelously portrayed characters of Anya n Liam :') 
      kUdos to u for writing such a heartwreching story, I loved it, except that I feel the end could hv been positive but I understand where u r cmin frm too, u r the author n if u wanna keep it realistic, I understand that, even though it might be a little tough to take it on the receiving end. 
      There are many things beautiful that I found im this story. The end especially how u didn't describe exactly how shw died, gives a certain sense of dignity somehow to her. N its all very simple, uncomplicated n just like u meant it to be- emphasizing the brighter side of life n not lingering on the sad bad memoris :) But I feel if that if u could hv just given more details of the happier times they spent together after their marriage or how her life had beem at Juliard, did Liam move to NYC to be with her, what did he do with his life n MOST IMPORTANTLY I feel how Anya must have given liam hope when she finally knew that she couldn't live anymore, how she must hv felt those last few days- if only u could hv added just a few more details n events in d story of the last 3 years that Anya had, it would hv been great. But nevertheless lovely read, with just the right sense of reality added to it. :)