Hi there ! Well, 'About Me's are surely awkward to write,lol, but well here's a lil something about me..

I absolutely love to read good fiction stories !! I like to write, sketch and dance too. I'm often labelled 'creative' and yeah, have to say I completely agree with that ;)

For now I'm writing two stories, if u have the time, go ahead, read them, especially 'A Forlorn Hope' cz I personally feel its better than my other story (What? Ya, I am honest ! ) and has a gripping and captivating plot,here's the link http://www.wattpad.com/4402017-a-forlorn-hope-chapter-1#.UcRszzvItbY. I'd really love to know your opinion on my story, so if you're a romance lover, go and read it right away! And don't forget to comment and vote ! :D And if you wanna follow, well go ahead, cz I like to make new friends :)

http://www.facebook.com/blossom.bloom.359 Its my Facebook account, if u have one, u can add me.

So yeah, that's about it, catch you later ! :)
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A Forlorn Hope

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Description: 'Love frees you, but it's also the one to bind you -- in ways unknown.' When long buried secrets of the past are revealed many things are put at stake, including Isis' love. What happens when Isis, a 19 year old, simple and innocent girl knows that...

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Fighting Unknown Attraction

Fighting Unknown Attraction

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She was laughing with her two friends when she came out of the class, but when her eyes landed on him, s...

whoa!  this is brilliantly written, like seriously. wat they both r going through, we cn almost see it, the story is that good! I'm really looking forward to reading the nxt chap, how 2 weeks turn out to b. Autumn z emotions r beautifully portrayed n it's a great story. Kudos to u for that! :) looking forward to reading more n keep up d great work! :)

laura! Wow! It all ended, huh? I'm still unable to grasp it! :') I still remember Bess n Emmet's story,  n how it all started n continued beautifully from there. . It was a beautiful journey to be on, with all this lovely characters Laura, thank you so much for writing this beautiful, amazing series, it has truly been a pleasure reading all of your stories, not just this series. :)
      U Laura r a beautiful, wonderful writer who is my inspiration when it comes to writing such beautiful stores. :) 
      keep being awesome, n I gotta add here, I loved reading the author's notes almost as much as I loved reading the stories n dats saying something lol, so yeah I almost feel as if I knw u! N for sure, I have learnt more about Australia than I ever knew before reading ur stories, so thanks for that too! 
      In all, u have a fan for lifetime who simply loves ur beautiful stories, so thnx a lot for sharing them all n do keep writing such wonderful stuff! Looking forward to the next story!  :)