Hi there ! Well, 'About Me's are surely awkward to write,lol, but well here's a lil something about me..

I absolutely love to read good fiction stories !! I like to write, sketch and dance too. I'm often labelled 'creative' and yeah, have to say I completely agree with that ;)

For now I'm writing two stories, if u have the time, go ahead, read them, especially 'A Forlorn Hope' cz I personally feel its better than my other story  (What? Ya, I am honest ! ) and has a gripping and captivating plot,here's the link http://www.wattpad.com/4402017-a-forlorn-hope-chapter-1#.UcRszzvItbY. I'd really love to know your opinion on my story, so if you're a romance lover, go and read it right away! And don't forget to comment and vote ! :D  And if you wanna follow, well go ahead, cz I like to make new friends :)

http://www.facebook.com/blossom.bloom.359 Its my Facebook account, if u have one, u can add me.

So yeah, that's about it, catch you later ! :)
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Fighting Unknown Attraction

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Description: She was laughing with her two friends when she came out of the class, but when her eyes landed on him, she was herself surprised by how quickly her smile disappeared. He was talking to one of the popular girls of college. Just the sight of him broug...

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A Forlorn Hope

A Forlorn Hope

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'Love frees you, but it's also the one to bind you -- in ways unknown.' When long buried secrets of the...

Hi there,  you wonderfully talented author! This is handsdown one of the bestest works I hv ever read! The delicate way in which you handled cookie's and fiona's relationship, the impeccable way in which you wrote it and the very mature and realistic way in which it was handled- gal I fell in love with the way you write! Moreover this is one of those rarest stories in which the hero doesn't fall in love at the first glance bt in fact is disappoint, the way in which he comes around and the gradual ways in wch the characters change and mature- I love that underlying tone of subtlety in it. You are such a great writer dear, this is so inspiring to a person like me who wants to someday write literature of this quality and depth. :) So yeah in all I love your work if  hvnt already established that fact :D And now I'm gonna read every other story that you have written,  have already added ot to my library!  kudos for everything!  :)
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2 updates! Yay!! wow Gab is better than expected lol. Waiting for another encounter of Davy and Elena! N bess' intuition - woah, haha. The writing of the note was so different than the chapters, obviously ofcrse lol. But yay nice chapter Laura :) Looking forward to the nxt one! Hope 'Baby Davy' (rofl) meets her! :)
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Hi laura! u know it feels weird to think that I'm talking to u probably for the first time, cz I'm such a huge fan of your stories! I love each n every single story of yours! I'm more of a silent reader so haven't really said that but u got to know, I'm one of your biggest fans! It seems weird that through out all this time, since you started netball coaching n bella died (believe me when I say this I was shocked when I read that part, I know it might sound creepy bt wen u read a story n know a lil abt the writer's life, u kinda connect, u know) n whenever your lil girls won the games, n u shifted to your new house- it's almost as if I know u, virtually of course,  but still! :) And I just wanted to say u seem as awesome a person as u're a writer! So yep, I'm in love with your stories n your more than awesome writing style, I wish I can some day write such adorable, lovely n heartwarming stories as u do :) Yep this one's a long comment bt well it had to be, finally after all I'm talking to you lol. So yep your writing rocks n u too! And yeah, before u say it, I know, I'm gonna start commenting on ur stories from now, letting u know wat I feel. sorry for this loong comment, but I suppose it's well deserved.  :)