Names Nicholas. 
All you need to know.
if you need help/support with anything, just let me know. 
Even if its just for someone to talk/rant to. 
I'm here for everyone. 
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Description: So there's a lot of things i want to say. No one will speak up about certain subjects so i will. This book shows interviews/rants/thoughts i have c: Enjoy & Feel free to comment with YOUR opinion (:

i love your book, btw this is very late but.. Happy new years! xP hope you have a good year. and if needed i will talk.to.chu it thats alright xP. well adios amigo.
So I have a very loyal follower of whom is going through some serious stuff right now & her family is struggling with a few things.
She's not able to have a Christmas this year due to some money issues but her family is trying their hardest to keep their spirits up for each other. Recently, her dog has become sick & needs to go to the vet but they don't have the money for the visit or medicine. So with some suggestions from some people, she started a gofundme. I talked to her & when she told me her story, I had to help. When she asked for help, no one reached out to her, not even for support. So, understanding her struggle I decided to help share her story. So many of her "friends" showed their true colors & turned their heads so now she's more upset by this selfish action. So, please check out her story & if you're not able to donate, at least share her story so people will know about it. I've seen people struggle & can't help much but this is all I can do, is share their story. The link is gofundme.com/sammyvetvisit & if you go & at least share it, message me & I'll find a way to show my gratitude. 
Happy Holidays Everyone!