Names Nicholas.
All you need to know.
if you need help/support with anything, just let me know.
Even if its just for someone to talk/rant to.
I'm here for everyone.
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Description: So there's a lot of things i want to say. No one will speak up about certain subjects so i will. This book shows interviews/rants/thoughts i have c: Enjoy & Feel free to comment with YOUR opinion (:

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You know some people really do want to comitte suicide and if they read you're book they probaly feel shit about themselves now.some people make books about this stuff so they can express their feelings without being judged.yet you're just saying their selfish.some people are abused at home and that's why they wanna die.and many things like that.some are struggling to hold onto their life because of suicide.not to be rude or anything but the act of suicide is not selfish.they do it because they need help and they do it because they have had enough of the shit in their lives.and the thing/person is really the selfish thing in this situation.and I am not saying this to be rude or anything.some people have no parnets.some people have watched people be murdred in front of their own eyes as young kids.some people get bullied so badly they want to end it.and the act of suicide is not selfish.sorry but I'm not trying to be rude 
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you are amazing(to me anyway) you are a really cool person and you arent afraid to say what you think...i admire and look up to people like that...you must be an amazing role model for the younger kids around you...i admire and look up to u as of today pm me anytime
im sorry for not being on a lot or responding to messages, right now a lot is going on & im dealing with finals. In June i will be able to make an effort to be on more because a lot has been messaging me about things. again i apologize but thanks for staying with me. keep your heads up! youre all precious :D x