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Hi I'm Jordan:) Also Blondie22

I love to write just like anyone on here:)

About me~ Not really much to say.... Hi? My type of paradise is me, Percy Jackson, and an actual Camp Half-Blood. If this could be reality I would never leave. I like to read so many types of stories (mystery, romantic, comedy, fiction, etc.) Also another thing I like is.... *whispers* lettuce, yesss lettuce is an amazing food. Hmmmmm..... Allow me to think... I currently want to attend school to become a pediatrician or if that doesn't work out, my obvious second choice would be to become a writer. I figure life's a gift and I don't intend on wasting it. DID I JUST PERFECTLY QUOTE TITANIC? OMG I THINK I JUST DID. I love Titanic probably my favorite movie, (yes there may be death, and sorrow and all that crap, but nobody can beat Leonardo DiCaprio. SOMEBODY GIVE THIS MAN AN OSCAR ALREADY!) I'm getting distracted..... Probably my ADD kicking in, I don't even know if I actually have that. Most likely I do, and short term memory loss I AM LIKE FREAKING DORI! It's just going to get worse as I grow old. Do you see my ADD? I was talking about Percy Jackson, and now I'm talking about a fish that probably has Alzheimer's. Continuing on.....

Coldplay-Paradise, Magic, Scientist, etc
Yes Imagine Dragons, and basically all types of music is what I live for. 
One time I was asked if I couldn't have TV or music for the rest of my life which one would I pick? Psssh.. Cya Television. 
If fictional characters were real, I wish they all were. EVERY SINGLE ONE OF THEM! I would probably marry Percy Jackson. (Logan Lerman) even before the movie. Haha.
If you have read this, take the time to possibly read one of my books (:

Thanks for reading this pointless stuff :')
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