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AYO!!! I'm Sarah a blonde, blue-green eyed, freckled, German/British/Polish/Cherokee & Choctaw Native American Indian girl. :) I'm 17, a junior, and a clumsy cutie ;D lol. So yeah :) I don't bite and if you wana know more just message me or something. Plus I'm a country gal and slightly redneckish ;D 

My bestie in the westie<3: @boring_ole_erin <GO FOLLOW HER!!!! READ HER STORIES!!!! COMMENT, VOTE!!!

HEY YOU! YEAH YOU!! YOU should also check out @luv_beatles if you like reading kick ass jolly good stories about 5SOS and One Direction! PLUS! COMMENT, COMMENT, VOTE, AND SPREAD THE WORD!!




ChickLit #429
3 pages, updated Apr 05, 2014PG-13
Life can throw many curves and obstacles that you never really know when they're guna happen or what the outcome is. Tallulah Nancy Tanner finds herself facing heartbreak,confusion... read more
9 reads votes 1 comments 0
Distance {Jack Gilinsky Fan-Fic}

Distance {Jack Gilinsky Fan-Fic}

4 parts / 13 pages, updated Mar 31, 2014PG-13
Two worlds, two paths coming together. What happens when Jack falls for a girl with a secret identity?
114 reads votes 5 comments 3
Miss Willingston's Private Academy

Miss Willingston's Private Academy

2 parts / 4 pages, updated Mar 23, 2014PG-13
Welcome to Miss Willingston's Private Academy. A school for unnatural children. As the humans would say monsters. But this prestigious school's reput... read more
37 reads votes 2 comments 0
Aftermath {Magcon Boys Fan-Fic}

Aftermath {Magcon Boys Fan-Fic}

2 pages, updated Mar 09, 2014PG-13
12 reads votes 1 comments 0
Round Here

Round Here

3 pages, updated Dec 21, 2013PG-13
Henrietta has come back to her small town home to be with her dad over the summer, but things don't go smoothly once Jacob gets involved. Will there be romance? Drama? Suspense? Death? Read to find out..
6 reads votes 0 comments 1
Best friends. Separated by fame. Reunited. What could go wrong?

Best friends. Separated by fame. Reunited. What could go wrong?

63 parts / 133 pages, updated Dec 13, 2013PGVideoPicturesCompleted
What will happen when the famous Justin Bieber returns home to visit family and old pals, but he comes to realize that he has deeper feel... read more
179,753 reads votes 854 comments 226
The Fake Girlfriend

The Fake Girlfriend

5 parts / 11 pages, updated Jul 29, 2013PG-13
Meet Tiffany "Tiff" Graver Thomas Lee Somers. That's right Somers. She's Chaz's twin sister. She's as close to Justin, Ryan, and Christian as much as her brot... read more
3,550 reads votes 59 comments 20
Dark Sun Falls

Dark Sun Falls

2 parts / 3 pages, updated Apr 21, 2013PG-13
Opal Daylite is a small town girl just trying to make it through high school. Dark Sun Falls is her hometown and it rarely has a sunny day, but it's known for it's huge su... read more
32 reads votes 0 comments 2
The Reaper's Daughter

The Reaper's Daughter

2 parts / 2 pages, updated Apr 02, 2013PG-13Video
124 reads votes 0 comments 1
Justin Bieber Knocked Me Up? What?

Justin Bieber Knocked Me Up? What?

3 parts / 3 pages, updated Nov 18, 2012PG-13
Paige Lynn Hoffman is a girl living most teens dream. Her mom works with Beyonce and her dad works with Island Def Jam Records. She lives in a big empty h... read more
1,619 reads votes 19 comments 3
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