I find it impossible to describe myself, to sum myself up with basic information, with likes and dislikes: objects of my entertainment and infatuation do not seem to define me accurately enough.

I’m just a girl, one that’s lived for 18 years, one who’s seen things that still make her heart ache, yet one who will laugh as easily as the rain pours from the sky like liquid bullets.

^Extract taken from my book Dear Diary^

My Books:

Frozen + Ice Memories - Chillingly descriptive paranormal suspense stories with a hint of romance. 
Little Fanged Girl - Dark fairy tale showing vampirism in a different light.
Broken Smile - Romantic teen drama about love, loss and friendship.
Dear Diary - Melancholy poetic journal entries revealing my most personal thoughts.
Pure Blood - Story of a supernatural boarding school. 
Demon Eyes - Dark vampire horror. 
Silent Screams - Suspenseful fantasy story.
Damon Diaries - FanFiction that co-insides with the tv series.
Renesemee find a place + Angst - Two Twilight Fanfics

Whats on my book shelf:
The Twilight Saga, The Vampire Diaries Series, The House of Night Series, The Vampire Academy Series, The Beautiful Dead series, Beautiful Creatures, Beautiful Darkness, Hush Hush, Den of Shadows, The Harry Potter series, The Hunger Games, Uglies, Lolita, Dracula, Infinate Days, Ps I love you, Eve, Tempest Rising, The Secret Circle, 50 Shades of Grey, Go ask Alice, The Forest of hands and teeth. 

Family, Daniel, Friends,Kitty Cat, Damon Salvatore, Vampire Diaries, Retro Camera's, Reading, Writing, Photoshop, Indie Music, Rain storms, Snow, Comments. Poetry.

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Broken Smile

Social data: 36.3K reads. 963 votes. 283 comments.

Description: Lily gazed at the sad green eyed girl with the pale skin and brown messy curls, hardly recognising herself, she tried to smile, to find herself in the mirror but the smile looked so fake, so wrong, it had for weeks now. Seemingly carrying the worl...

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Little Fanged Girl

Little Fanged Girl

3.3K 79 108

Little Fanged Girl is a quirky, dark fairy tale, that features vampirism in a totally different light. I...

Silent Screams

Silent Screams

1K 26 24

Hear her silent screams, feel the cold death rain, taste her fresh salt tears.

Icy Memories

Icy Memories

5.9K 103 44

-Forgotten memories and clouded dreams, Truth and knowledge behind those seams, Much to perceive and und...

Demon Eyes

Demon Eyes

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Demon Eyes is a dark vampire horror.