I love reading, playing Modern Warefare 2, Resident evil, Gears of War, and Assains creed (which has suprised many for some reason) and am very artistic. I love listening to music and I love all animals. I use to own a horse named Blitz whom I loved very much. R.I.P 

Pleez read/comment/vote on my stories!!!!!!!!!! :) 

Thanks to XxParamoreRocksxX, I have become obsessed with Korean music. True, I have been a VIP for over a year, but now I've expanded my horizons and gotten into dramas. Thanks to her. But here's my list of bands and dramas I like/seen. 

BigBang, SHINee, SuJu, CNBlue, FTIsland, BEAST, MBLAQ, B1A4, TeenTop, Nu'est, BAP and UKISS. 
You're Beautiful., Heartstrings, Muscle Girl (Japanese), Hana Kimi (Japanese), What's Up And Secret Garden. Hello Baby is my favorite variety show :) Strong Heart is second.

Tara's Story 40k reads! 

Thanx you peoplez! You support me so much that I cannot possibly thank you enough, Love you my fans! ~ <3


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Description: Tara was a mostly normal werewolf, with a mostly normal life. A mother, a pack, a shy mate, and a best friend. But her life was always meant to be extra ordinary. From a careless mistake, she gets bitten by a vampire and becomes a hybrid, only to ru...

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Whatever poems I make and get around to posting on here. note: They are all original and NO ONE can copy...

The Rebellious

The Rebellious

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Emmeraldia Dequiestesterway Tallimany is an unknown princess that her family has sheilded from the rest...

The Things I Never Said

The Things I Never Said

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The whole thing-well it had started out so simply. So incredibly simple. Just a little crush. That's all...

Tara's Story Spoofs

Tara's Story Spoofs

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Sorry for not updating on Tara's Story as promised-unexpected things came up and I'm currently in the middle of transferring jobs plus my tendonitis flared up again, rending my left hand useless for a couple days. It'll be another week before I even have a day off of work again, but keep reminding me to update and I'll do my best!
So, miracles do happen! Lol I JUST POSTED CAHPTER 53 OF TARA'S STORY! I WILL FINISH THAT DARN BOOK! Haha so go read it, or re-read the whole story if you've forgotten it, and mostly importantly: ENJOY! There's three more chapters before an epilogue and...yeah. See ya~
Blitzluver commented on Tara's Story - Chapter 52

Oh my gosh, the last time I updated this was over a year ago! It's been so long...but lucky for you, I wrote down the entire story and still have the notebooks with the last chapters in them, so I'll blow the dust off of them and maybe will whip up the ending for ya. Sounds good? ;)
Btw thank you so much for reading this...I thought everyone forgot about it tbh haha. But I'll tyr to finish it for you~