Hola, Aniyo, Ni Hao! I'm Allain and I totally love languages, as well as writing stories. I feel like writing is my passion and I also love Kpop and TV shows from other countries; mostly soap operas. I really hope that everyone who visits my profile checks out my stories and checks out the stuff that I recently read; because those stories are awesome! I'm not really new to this site, but I still feel new in a way because there's so much I ave to learn. Because of this; I'm trying to open my mind to every oppurtunity.

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Never Leaving You, My Love

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Description: In a loose adaption of the K-Drama "Boys Before Flowers," Jacinta McCallen has fallen into the lap of luxury after her mother marries Thomas Lin, esteemed principal of the elite Lin Academy for Performing Arts. So not only does Jacinta get to go to...

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In a perfect world, her niece and nephew would never be having this conversation. They should be discussing their Christmas lists or their favourite television shows, like Kenzie and Samantha did whe...
Im crying
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            So here I am in Biology, bored out of my mind. The teacher continues talking and talking as everybody else slowly falls asleep.
Shes taking Bio and AP chem meaning that she did physics and regular chemistry already. Nowadays NYC schools give kids chem in the 9th grade so by the time she graduates she'll have everything she needs.