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Hey Geremy here, but if you rather wanna call me by my user name "bitemylips' well fine with me. 

I'm really insecure and also shy. 

My favorite colour is white (though technically some people might says that it's not actually a colour - it's the presence of light or whatever. Geeky thing I don't know anything about). A friend and I usually argue on that. Who cares. I like white and whether it's a colour or not it's still my favourite. 

I have this collection of books at home, nearly two to three shelves already.They are my babies, it makes me smile just seeing them first time when I wake up and last before I go to sleep. 

I'm weird. Yeah, you just find that out? Well no matter as long as you're good to me I'll do the same. 
What else.... hmmmmmmmmmmmm... thinking.... thinking.... thinking....

I guess that is all...

Gender... hmmmn... depends to who I'm with!

I've written quite a long text now. Ciao!
If you'd like me to check your story out, just leave a link. Go on, I don't bite.
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