Hey everyone!

Just some new year notices.

1. Wolfsbane will be available soon!

2. Wolfsbane will be set in the same universe as Mine *GASP* and I plan on doing a few books in the same universe so there should be some character cross overs ooooh!

3. Mark of The Wolf ain't getting touched until His Beloved is completed.

4. The Cheyenne continues to be my "go to, when the mind is there" story, so please stop asking me to update it because the chances of it being updated are slim.

5. Mr Mate will not be touched until the new Wolfsbane is completed.

I think that's everything. I hope you guys have taken the time to read this, and I will be posting this in my 'about' section also. Happy New Year guys!
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Description: Charlotte always dreamt of the day she would find her mate and have the eternal happiness wolves gloated about. She dreamt of the first connection, the first touch - that first look that would secure her to her mate for the rest of her life. After...


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LegacyLegend posted a message to BethanyP
Mine is the best werewolf book I've read so far, with the exception of a couple. I love your writing style, and I'm sure you'll find the quality and arête of Wolfsbane & start writing again! 
My plans for publishing Wolfsbane by myself are very stressful -_- does anyone want to see an excerpt from the new one and give me some feedback and help renew my Faith in this book?
Mikayla_Godleski posted a message to BethanyP
I can't wait to see how you rewrite wolfsbane! it was my favorite book before and I can't wait to see how much better it is! I can't wait to read it!! 
Writing hard for you guys!
      Juggling the Wolfsbane rewrite, Mine and His Beloved.
      Thank you all for your patience and support!