I love writing, there is just something about it that takes me to another world where I can be myself, and let my characters be free, instead of trapped in my head all day while I die of boredom at school. With writing, I do it for fun, maybe one day I will send one out to publishing, but it wouldn't be one I have uploaded online. 

I am sensitive about my writing, it's something that comes from me, and it's a piece of me being judged. But I love to do it, I love receiving all the comments from people, and people who stay up till like 3 in the morning just to finish it, like I do when I find something I like to read.

I'm lazy and I upload all my bad copies because I'm too lazy to edit them c: But, I do go through them all when they're done and edit them, so have no fear, I am not bad at spelling I'm just lazy!

I don't mind constructive criticism until it just becomes plain mean.

I have a very active mind and I often start lots of different new stories. Bare with me.

My stories can get weird, and I love adding twists, and seeing as more people love them then hate them I will continue writing the way I do. So to those ready to flame my style, don't bother.

That's all that you guys need to know about me :P See you in fantasy land.



These stories are no longer available on Wattpad as I am rewriting them. They are also not published anywhere else. Thank you guys for your support and I'm sorry for not having them up to read them anymore but I promise when they're good again, you shall read them! :)
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