“The worst enemy to creativity is self-doubt.”  
― Sylvia Plath,

I'm Bel, 20-something and I live in Chile. English is my second language so bear with me.
I enjoy long nights watching Korean dramas and animes. 
A good book and a cup of tea are my homies.


What do you use to make your covers?
         Adobe photoshop CS6. However I don't make the drawings.

May I translate your story?
         Sure, but I would like you to do this:
 #1 give credit. You're translating, not writing the story. It needs to be stated I wrote it.
 #2 don't change content (like names or events) just translate.
 #3 let me know (via DM or dedication) when you start to add your story to the reading list.

Would you make me a cover?
         I'm not accepting requests at the moment. Sorry.

Would you write me a story?
         same answer as the previous one.

Would you read my story?
         I doubt I can due to time issues, plus, I rather read finished and published books so I can improve. I'm sorry.

Would you tell your followers to read my story?
         I'm not a living advertising, please don't use me that way.

Would you follow me back?
         I only follow the authors I read so my newsfeed is not a mess and I actually can read it.

How did you get such numbers?
         I was lucky. Right time, right place I guess.


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Description: {SEQUEL OF POST IT} - The day's been endless, but it's almost over. I know she's out there, I know she's on her way to me. I know we are getting closer and I've been waiting for her, since that fortuitous reply. Because everything started with a po...

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It's Just Ann

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Short stories inspired by different songs.

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jellyvincee posted a message to BelWatson
I noticed that your stories are all almost have short titles. I do locellve those kinds of stories and actually we do have the same title, "Unseen". But I deleted mine, few months ago. I think I wanna start reading your stiries from now on. Are they all in english? I'd be glad if it was.
qualifications posted a message to BelWatson
I have an incredible amount of things to say; I cannot even put into words how much I enjoyed Post-It and Happenstance... Oh gosh, I ship Reid and Maca so MUCH GOSH DARN IT!
I am going to leave an individual review on each of them because they are seriously that good. 
Post-It: I cannot even describe how much I love Reid. He seems like someone who is just entirely too perfect for this world, and that he could be corrupted so easily, but he's not. We need more Reids in this world. I WANT to be a Reid. 
Maca is so clear and her personality is so distinct... Some characters with depression seem... Fake, somehow, but she really isn't, she is so gosh darn REAL. She isn't perfect in any way, shape, or form, and I love that. I hate perfect characters. Unless, of course, they're Fili, (my Middle-earth husband) Faramir, (my other Middle-earth husband, even though he's married to Éowyn) Reid, or any of the Doctors. Just by putting Doctor Who in there, this makes it extraordinarily more amazing. 
Reid... Reid Reid Reid Reid. How do I even begin to explain? How can I communicate the perfection that is Reid? Even in some twisted way, his flaws are perfect too. I could go on forever ranting about Reid's perfection. HE IS ADDICTED TO DOCTOR WHO! (Haha... Can't say the same about me...((I'm at season 4 in 3 weeks. I have gotten up at 1 am just to watch it without getting in trouble from my mother and father.)) Doctor Who is life. Next to Lord of the Rings, The Hobbit, Sherlock, and The Stormlight Archive. It's in the same books as, well, my books.)
This has become really rambly, so I shall move on, before I bore you to tears. 
Happenstance: :) 
There is only one thing that can only begin to surmise my love of Happenstance and that is a
☆*:.。. o(≧▽≦)o .。.:*☆