17 | A young girl that wants to be a writer but also a pharmacist | I am a Senior this year | I love writing just simply because I feel so free and no one can tell me what I can or can't do | I'm not the best writer so there will be mistakes and a lot of heavy editing from me.

My stories right now:

-The Luna's Cries = Ch. 10 is up (PG-13)
-Daughter of Satan = Ch.8 is up (PG-13) (PAUSED)
-Take a Stab at My Life = Ch. 6 will be up soon (PG-13)
-Daughter of Athena: Weapons of War = update soon (R)
-The Fighter VS. True Love = Ch. 2 IS UP! (PG-13) [Explicit Scenes will be in another section]
-Operation Wolfsbane = Ch.1 soon P.S this came to me in a dream.

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Operation Wolfsbane

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Description: There's a base in need of medical help in Afghanistan and Aleu decided to go help. Her husband Mason who is already a combat medic, fly out to help. The first few weeks were easy and not so alarming but then heavy gunfire struck and chaos ran a muck...

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Take A Stab At My Life

Take A Stab At My Life

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"I'm sorry but you can't just walk into my house and be like 'Oh Val the cops are after me again can you...

The Fighter VS. True Love

The Fighter VS. True Love

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Ash Belcher, a guy that everyone thinks is cool for being an MMA amateur fighter. He usually gets all th...

Daughter of Satan [PAUSED]

Daughter of Satan [PAUSED]

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Daughters of Athena: Weapons of War

Daughters of Athena: Weapons of War

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Athena: the goddess if War and Wisdom. Nobody ever knew I was her great times a thousand great granddaug...

I'm sorry life has been pretty hetic recently with me getting accepted into college, scholarships, FASFA,  my pharmacy tech job, and being constantly slammed with homework! I haven't been able to just sit down and write! On the bright side i would like to thank everyone who has voted and read my stories. HOPEFULLY I will have a chance to write some short filler chapters for y'all! But that's a pretty slim chance. Feel free to message me anytime! I will get back to you.