16 | A young girl that wants to be a writer but also a pharmacist | I am a junior this year | I love writing just simply because I feel so free and no one can tell me what I can or can't do | I'm not the best writer so there will be mistakes and a lot of heavy editing from me.

My stories right now:

-The Luna's Cries = Ch. 10 is up (PG-13)
-Daughter of Satan = Ch.8 is up (PG-13) (PAUSED) 
-Take a Stab at My Life = Ch. 6 will be up soon (PG-13)
-Daughter of Athena: Weapons of War = update soon (R)
-The Fighter VS. True Love = Ch. 2 IS UP! (PG-13) [Explicit Scenes will be in another section]

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Take A Stab At My Life

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Description: "I'm sorry but you can't just walk into my house and be like 'Oh Val the cops are after me again can you help me?' kind of shit! Dad I can't be doing this every few years you promised you would change!" I said in frustration. "It wasn't my fault...

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The Fighter VS. True Love

The Fighter VS. True Love

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Ash Belcher, a guy that everyone thinks is cool for being an MMA amateur fighter. He usually gets all th...

Daughter of Satan [PAUSED]

Daughter of Satan [PAUSED]

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Serenity is a beautiful fallen angel that fell from heaven but not by her choice, nor her crimes that sh...

Daughters of Athena: Weapons of War

Daughters of Athena: Weapons of War

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Athena: the goddess if War and Wisdom. Nobody ever knew I was her great times a thousand great granddaug...

The Luna's Cries

The Luna's Cries

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Naomi has taken over Moonshine Pack due to the sudden death of her father and mother. Naomi is now Luna...

I looked at her and saw her words were serious. "Ana, you don't understand, I am just 17. I don't want to be like them other girls on teen mom. Half of them are struggling. What would people think of...
I understand her train of thought. When I had my scare I wanted a abortation too. Later on I wanted to keep my almost baby. But then the test came out negative. So huge relief. At a young age it's your fault that you got pregnant it's never the baby's fault that's why it's called a "blessed mistake"