Umm ok so hey 
I'm Rebecca you can call me Becca or Becca boo I really don't care 
I'm 16
I'm straight 

I like 

Breathe carolina 
sleeping with sirens
pierce the veil

facts about me:

When u meet me I'm quiet but when you get to know me im load, hyper, and I talk to much 
I get in trouble in Skool all the time cause I talk to everyone even when my teacher moves me lol

Follow my best friend boy_crazey8p. ...... Mess with her I'll hunt you down and feed you to my cat name kitty
..yea don't juggle I named my cat kitty ... I was 5 when I named her so yea

I lovvvvvvvve talkin to new people so megesseme ( if you can see my spelling is mess up ...oh well I'm to lazy to fix it)

Turn on-- boys with tattoos and pierces 

Hot topic is the best store in the world plus  forever 21 

Plz read and vote my stores

I don't judge anyone and I support people ..... And I hate bully's 
and message me some time i love to talk to u 

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    In ur house stealing ur cookies
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    3 years ago

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Description: this story is about a young 17 year old name jessica who has a crazy social life on her phonewith her friends. her text msg and her phone calls are wild and u caan read them here. hearts will be broken and love will be found and lots of drama and fun