Random Facts and/or Things About Me and/or that Interest Me 

1. Jesus ♥ Because there are no words.
2.  Family, family, family
3. 20 
5. Old soul 
6. Shy, introverted, deep-thinking, sensitive, perfectionist... #thattype
7. Kittens and babies and other stereotypical things that make girls say "aw"
8. Ramen noodles. I know. They're horrible, but when you think about it, they're also delicious so... it's kind of like the lifelong battle between the taste-buds and the brain. #thefaultinourdiets
9. I have the slightly miffing reputation as the Dictionary of my family. Spelling, definitions, etc. 
10. We have three dogs, two horses, and a bird my brothers decided to name Raymond Martinez. Can you believe that? RAYMOND MARTINEZ. smh.
11. Favorite movies: Belle, The Phantom of the Opera, & Pride and Prejudice (I know...) 
12. I Love Lucy. Because that should be said twice.
13. Favorite books: IMPOSSIBLE TO DECIDE but To Kill a Mockingbird is pretty high up there
14. Idk why I was born in the 90s. It's something I'm going to ask God about when I get to Heaven. Because I personally believe that I was meant for the 1800s - says the clay.
15. I wear glasses because I drove my eyes to the point of frantic near-sightedness with all my reading as a child
16. I enjoy and delight in anything witty
17. 'What cannot be said will be wept.'  - Sappho 
18. C.S. Lewis, Harpee Lee, J.R.R. Tolkien, Irving Stone, Vladimir Nabakov, M.L. Stedman... I could go on, trust me.
19. Anything Europe!
20. I'm pondering pen names at the moment: I like Maria Lynette. Whatcha think?

I am a God-fearing individual and this is a non-hating page. To those who might have something negative to say about Christianity, please take yourselves elsewhere. As my wise mother once taught me, "If you don't got something nice to say, don't say nothing at all." ;)

Thanks and God bless you!
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