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The name is Sarah.

And I honestly have no idea how to even begin to describe myself, but I may as well give it a shot.
 I’m Twenty years young & somewhat of a Gypsy, traveling to many different places doing Art Shows with a group of Artists which gives me plenty of time to have my nose buried deep inside a Book, Listen to Music, & Write my own Books.

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| Reader | Caffeine Addicted | Writer | Hopeless Romantic | Owner of so many Books it’s crazy | Thinker not a Talker | Fictional Character Obsessed | Gargoyle Lover | Traveler | Artist | 

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|Once Upon a Time | Supernatural | Vampire Diaries | Teen Wolf | Game of Thrones | The Originals | Downton Abbey |

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Description: Desire Of The Dark Prince. One kiss from the beautiful stranger and Arden finds herself in the realm of fairy where she is told is where she belongs, not only to the realm but also to the beautiful stranger Dameon the Dark Prince of the realm wh...

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A Taste For Crimson.

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KhaoS Design Covers & Banners Book II

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BeautifuL17KhaoS posted a message

Alright so I was tagged by the Talented @Saturn137 to Post 20 Absolute Random Facts about Myself.

1: I absolutely Love Gargoyles. Not entirely sure why but I saw one a long time ago and have been collecting them ever since. My room is full of them, literally in every shape & size.

2: Everyone in my Family is a Mixed Media Artist and we Travel the country doing Art Shows.

3: The First Books I ever fell in Love with are The Faerie Path by Frewin Jones & A Lady of Hidden Intent by Tracie Peterson.

4:  I don’t eat fast food. Ever. 

5: My house is a Log Cabin in the country that is 12 feet up in the air and on the River.

6: Everyone is terrified of my dogs. Lilly (A Giant White Great Pyrenees) & Molly (A Yellow Lab) has scared all of our mailmen so bad they nearly wet themselves.

7: I can make up a story out of anything. 

8: I hate when they turn Books into Movies! They always ruin it! At least it seems that way to me. I like to imagine how the characters look inside my head instead of some celebrity. I especially hate when they change the cover of the Book to the movie poster.

9: I always flip through a Book and read random pages of it before I actually start reading it. Weird habit, it drives my brothers insane.

 10: I probably have over five hundred books just in my room ^_^

11: When I was little my mom used to tell me stories about a little old Witch named Bonney Legs. I swear I saw her once when we were at an Art show! She was tiny like the size of your pinkie tiny. No one believes me. But they believe my brother saw a leprechaun and my other brother saw one of those flying dinosaurs >_<.

12: I have 5 Cats. Opal, Zara, Gizmo, Bat Cat, and Cindel.

13: I Love Fairytales.

14: People ask to take my picture quite a bit . . . its awkward. I’m guessing it’s because my clothes and jewelry are vintage and not what anyone wears a whole lot. Of course it could also be because I wear vintage hats =P 

16: I love Sweaters, Boots, Scarfs, & Socks!

17: I don’t have TV. I’m too impatient with it! I wait until the TV series I like comes out on DVD and I buy it and watch it all at once. Plus I would rather be reading.

18: I have 2 Brothers & 1 Sister. All older than me.

19: I’m practically a Vegetarian. I eat meat maybe twice a month, if that.

20: I have a long silver necklace that has a blue stone in the middle that belonged to my great, great, great, great, Grandmother. I wear it every day, its very ethereal fairy looking.


The further you read the more you will find out. Like the vampire she just touched wasn't fully changed. he was still part human

brittanylambert11 posted a message

Ummm I'm gunna start reading ur other books but I read how to catch a werewolf and its amazing I just need to know if their is gunna be a sequel 

sassiti posted a message

You are by far my favorite writer on here! I love every book you've written so far! Just wanted to let you know! *^.^*

DeeReader13 posted a message

:D Omg no problem!


Thanks so much I'm so glad you like it! =D Thanks! I actually have to update ready but the lodge I'm staying at internet isn't working >.< And I can't post from my phone. so as soon as i have internet there will be an update! Thanks for reading!

DeeReader13 posted a message

I LOVE your books they are the best I just can't wait until yu update a taste for crimson!!!!! Keep writing yor great at it! ;)