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wild thing. 
Let her laugh, live, love, and roam free on her own terms.

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Note: That I am not responsible for you Getting Lost, Eaten, or Carried away by Gargoyles.

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 Hello, there. You may call me ~ Sarah, I’m a twenty year young writer who has spent her entire life living and traveling with artists doing art shows around the country. I tend to drink too much coffee, read everything I can get my hands on, sketch when I’m supposed to be doing something else, and obsess over various things like fictional characters, Gargoyles, and bands, while wearing very awesome socks.

My Shows of Choice:

| Once Upon a Time | Supernatural | Vampire Diaries | Teen Wolf | Game of Thrones | The Originals | Downton Abbey | Reign | Witches of East End |  Sleepy Hallow |

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Description: ▲ ▼ Desire Of The Dark Prince. ▲ ▼ She was the light, pledged to the darkness. He was the darkness who reached into another world to bring her home. FREYRGARD, a realm of terrifying beauty and dark mystery, where everything you imagine is...

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So, I've been editing Zara. Adding a load more chapters and and a lot more of fun stuff and Alexander is going to be an even bigger jerk than before when I done with this XD
Desire Of The Dark Prince is #62 in Fantasy ^_^

Question I've figured out how to make Trailers (Finally!) So, I wanna make a Trailer for Desire of the Dark Prince. I wanna know who you guys think would be good to play Dameon & Arden?