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Hey, there!

So if you're reading this, I guess you want to know 'About Me', huh? Well, I'm a teenager, I like music, art, and stuff like that. Nothing really interesting about that.

I play the piano, acoustic guitar, bass, and I'm learning the accordion. My dream instrument would have to be the tonewheel organ, but until I have enough money and space for a decent Hammond I'll have to settle for dream jammin'...

- Traffic
- Grateful Dead
- Bob Dylan
- The Beatles
- Free
- Chuck Mangione
- Blind Faith
- The Incredible String Band
- The Byrds
- Jefferson Airplane
- The Spencer Davis Group
- The Who
- Fat Mattress
- Creedence Clearwater Revival
- Cream
- Small Faces
- The Velvet Underground
- Supertramp

UPDATED: 22nd FEB '14


Thoughts On You and Other Worlds

Thoughts On You and Other Worlds

1 page, updated Mar 06, 2014
These will probably be mainly vents. Some of them will be for people, some won't... Sometimes it's just good to get things off your chest, right?
7 reads votes 2 comments 0
Tumour~ A Song for Nuclear Uncertainty

Tumour~ A Song for Nuclear Uncertainty

1 page, updated Apr 04, 2013Completed
A song for the current state of our world... any feedback is greatly appreciated.
43 reads votes 6 comments 5
Poems And Songs

Poems And Songs

7 parts / 2 pages, updated Dec 19, 2012Completed
A collection of my songs and poems. I'm new to poetry and songs and stuff, so any criticism, compliments or comments are hugely appreciated! Everything (including the cover!) is all copyright me. Enjoy!
394 reads votes 21 comments 16
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