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Sticks and stones may break my bones, but words can shatter a soul . . .

You lied. What you did is... unforgivable, honestly. Hurting me? I can handle that. Hurting my friends? And I thought you couldn't stoop any lower... 

R.I.P. Mica
R.I.P. Cal

You didn't deserve any of this </3


One Last Breath

One Last Breath

8 parts / 3 pages, updated Jan 28, 2012PG-13Video
To those of you who've ever felt alone? This is for you.
977 reads votes 21 comments 7
Questionnaires My Guy Friends Fill Out . . . :'D

Questionnaires My Guy Friends Fill Out . . . :'D

3 parts / 2 pages, updated Jan 23, 2012PG-13Video
Just as the title says... now you get a look into a guy's braaain >:3 my friends are weird xD
495 reads votes 10 comments 35

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@RosettaStoned sureee xD I'll get Noel on [: then you guys can have your bro-fest :'D
Questionnaires My Guy Frien...

@SymphonyOfSympathy UPDATED! @RosettaStoned you need to get your head checked, kiddo :'D
Questionnaires My Guy Frien...

@SymphonyOfSympathy GAHH Dx I'll get him to do it when he comes home. Meanwhile, I'll pm Jinx and make him finish the questionnaire >:D
Questionnaires My Guy Frien...

@SymphonyOfSympathy GODD NOOO xD I'm scared to even think about what goes on in that little head of his :'D @RosettaStoned I'm just fly like a g6 ;P
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@SymphonyOfSympathy he's an idiot xDD
Questionnaires My Guy Frien...