'Dreams are the greatest escape, and without it everything will wither away.'

Hi! My name is Bailey and I'm 17. I love to read almost anything and I can read up to 3 books in a couple of hours if I concentrate hard enough. Yippy, eh

~I accept people for who they are, whether they are gay, straight, bi, multicultural/diverse, lifestyle and maybe age- just anything, people deserve to be treated the way we want to be treated...

~I LOVE DARK CHOCOLATE!!! Don't judge me =_+ 

~I love all music; well almost all music; Hedley, Theory of a deadman, Daughtry, Audioslave, Oasis, Pink, Blake Shelton, Panic at the disco, Nickelback 

~I read just about anything that catches my eyes; I love anime and manga too! I'm in love with Trafalgar Law from one piece, again don't judge me =_+ <3

~I have been in 4 fashion shows and I have made the dresses I wore =)

~I want to study psychology and mental abilities in the future to help people, and of course I want to write on the side =3

~I have 2 brothers, 1 sister and 2 stepsisters

~I did publish a children's book when I was 12 (hilarious, literally, my friends laugh at it; don't know why when it was a masterpiece =D) 

~I do not judge people and I do not care what people think about me. We all have our fights and never get involved if you have no right; always stick by your beliefs..

~One may hope for the best, one may hope for the worst; but I hope for chance in our crumbling world, just one chance to make a name for myself, I don't care if I am forgotten though

>I kind of want to dance< Eh ;) Anyways, that is all for now- tata; good greetings!<

PS. I am not suicidal, only my English teacher thinks that -shh- I don't know why? You write random things and she starts to worry =_= I wonder- lets go jump off a bridge. NAW I believe in self-worth and that everyone has a place in this world, so yeah I am still trying to convince her ~HOW ABOUT YOU GUYS TELL ME YOURSELVES BY READING MY POEMS?~ My friends agreed with my teacher =o XD
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Description: Karissa hears voices or mainly one. Riley is a voice of a ghost or so she believes and he suddenly appeared shortly after she was physically abused as a child by a former babysitter when she was five. As every time Karissa sleeps she is over flood...

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