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I'm Northern Irish 
I'm short -_- 
I'm 16, my birthday is the 4th July
I have dark brown/purple hair
I have brown eyes and slightly tanned skin
I have a short temper and I will hurt anyone who hurts my friends or my family
I've been told that I'm not normal, as I'm extremely crazy and hipper all of the time, yet energy drinks don't affect me at all, yay :) 
Some of my favourite quotes are: 

- A good friend bails you out of jail, a best friend is in the cell next to you saying "that was awesome! Let's do it again!" 
- my best friends and I are the kind of people that if my house were on fire, we would be roasting marshmallows and flirting with firemen
- good friends hide you from the cops, Best friends are probably the reason they're after you in the first place
- a pretty girl can kiss a guy, a bird can kiss a butterfly, the rising sun can kiss the grass, but you my friend, yes you, you can kiss my ass!
- I went out for a few butterbeers my mates and I came home ablosulety philosopher's stoned
- what's up? The sky the clouds and If you look close enough you can see a bird getting screwed
- whatever floats your boat ... It floats my fucking Armada
- hangovers: Gods way of saying 'YOU KICKED ASS LAST NIGHT!!' 

I love music:
All Time Low
Good Charlotte 
Bowling For Soup
Hey Monday
Foo Fighters
and more!


Hermiones Real Life

Hermiones Real Life

10 parts / 13 pages, updated Mar 21, 2013PG
When Hermione finds out about her past, her world is turned upside down. Ever since she could think, she has never been able to remember before her 5th birthday, i was ... read more
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The Lives of the Potter Twins

The Lives of the Potter Twins

1 page, updated May 09, 2012
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A Siriusly strange year (Sirius Black Love Story)

A Siriusly strange year (Sirius Black Love Story)

3 pages, updated Jan 09, 2012Pictures
When Hermione's new found twin sister moves from durmstrang to hogwarts, things get complicated. Whether its detention, pranks, guys fanc... read more
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in love with a badass *Torchwood Love Story*

in love with a badass *Torchwood Love Story*

1 page, updated Oct 04, 2011Pictures
Captain Jack Harkness is the leader of Tourchwood, and he is in love with Gwen Cooper. But when Gwen and her husband Rhys tell him she's pregnant... read more
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Im Alabama's best fighter/racer/dancer... and your sendin me off to Louisianna?

Im Alabama's best fighter/racer/dancer... and your sendin me off to Louisianna?

4 parts / 5 pages, updated Jun 12, 2011Pictures
Andy is kinda livin the life in Alabama. her parents were killed by a rival gang when she was 9 year old, so she has had to live with her... read more
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The Salvatores Baby Sister

The Salvatores Baby Sister

7 parts / 10 pages, updated Apr 27, 2011Pictures
everyone knows about the Salvatore brothers, but what if there was one more? a little sister? and what happens when she shows up in Mystic Falls? This story is a... read more
12,727 reads votes 156 comments 35

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