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Hello Bootiful people of internet land!!!!! 

I'll tell you a little bit about myself because I'm in the sharing mood. Cause Sharing Is Caring!!                                                                                

~ I love music.
I will tell you some of my favorite bands/singer people
~ Blood on the dancefloor
~ Jeffree Star
~ Hollywood Undead
~ Asking Alexandria
~ Marilyn Manson
~ KoRn
~ Papa Roach
~Black Veil Brides
~ Nickasaur
~Alex Evans
~ P!nk
~ Hey Monday
~ Nickelback
~ Blink 182
~My Chemical Romance
I think thats enough. There are more but I dont have time
~ I LOVE My Little Pony. Pinkie Pie is just like me. I'm very nice.
~ My friends are my world. Theres:
1. Savannah or Sugar Baby. She calls me Baby Cakes. 
2. Hubert or my amazing boyfriend that puts up with my insaneness
3. Neil or Baby Cheeks. His face is super soft
4. Phillip. He is mine. He is like my big brother.
5. Aaron. He actually is my big brother. 
6. Cecily. My little creeper
7. Darby. My bootiful daughter. Not like really though.
8. Tayworrr. She's my little baby nugget.... I love you Tayworrr

I have more but i'm tired of typing.
Oh and i'm super lazy. My boyfriend calls me the princess. Well thats enough.
 If you want to impress me and be a creeper like me ask me more about myself. 

And NO ONE is going to read all this.

*Sad Face*

Bye Bootiful People :)


Who am I?

Who am I?

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