Here's a little about myself........
      My name=Anai's
      My color=hot pink
      My bands=
      One Direction *
      Cold Play*
      My Chemical Romance*
      Guns n Roses*
      Green Day*
      Maroon 5*
      Lincoln Park*
      (To be continued.... 
      I model*
      I am a proud flute player*
      My favorite sports is cheerleading,football,track,*
      I love of course,the beach*
       I'm friendly....(just don't mess widd me)
      I luuuv to talk so message me:)
      I like to read nd write.......
      maybe ill write my own story one day(????)
      But for now ill just read yalls;)
      Well dats all I can think of at dah moment..... till next time*143<3
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    with u<3
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