Here's the bio:

Aye my lovely beauties.
Tiffany Here.
Imma do dis mofo's bio.
Jk. He's perfect.

His name is Bane.
Simple. Sweet. Cute. Unique.
Don't wear it out.

His age?
eight to the fucking teen.
Yush. He b a pedo.
Correction: can be a pedo.

He lives with me.
Candyland bitches.
Me and him make babies.
Candy babies to be exact.
mmmm. sweet.

Relationship: doesn't involve you.
if you so 'care', he is plural.
With whom?
None of your business.
I suggest the thirsty hoes and desperate bitches to walk away.
just saying c:
He doesn't do desperate sorry not sorry.

He will:
make you cry. [happy or sad]
make you smile like a dork.
make you blush so hard.
make you laugh so much.
make you pissed off.
hurt you. [sometimes; rarely jk jk i kid he never does]

He's a guy.
-[drama-free page]-
Hurt him? I'd rather you hurt me.
Fuck with him? You fuck with me.
You see, he and i have each other's backs.
More then that even.
Just don't even go there.

He can be such a girlie sometimes.
He loves dorky stuff just like me.
♡The Fault In Our Stars♡
♡High School Musical♡ 
♡Nicholas Sparks♡ 

One day me and him will run away together. [shh]
Hot tub. :)
[dunno y i said that]
pm him to get to know him more.
dis bio sucks ass xc
Enough said.
Love each and everyone of you. ♡
[Tiffany Out]

People I adore: ♡♡

@SexyPiranha I miss you so damn much it kills me. Always in my heart.∞ ♡♡♡

@xxcuddlebunniexx My cuddle buddy, duh. I wuv you, Sonny ♡ Our late night talks are awesome xD She's fucking amazing so you should follow her. 'Kay? Kay.

@crystal16 this girl is the bomdiggity and rad af. I've only known her a little while but she's amazing. You should follow her, your life'll get a bit better. I know mine did. :)

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