I love Arrow. 
I love Sam and Dean Winchester also.   

I don't write alone. Sadie, a friend on wattpad, helps me write a majority of my stories.

I wrote these stories when I was in my early teens and did not have the time to edit them, so it's not as polished as other works out there. 

I do love comments and suggestions so if you have any, feel free to message me or post comments.

Loving Again and Book 2 of the Mated series are ON HOLD
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(ON HOLD) Loving Again (Spin Off Novel of Love Me, Again?)

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Description: Spin off OF LOVE ME AGAIN? ---- Struggling with one hell of a heartbreak, Jason finds himself confused and broken in the streets of the ‘big apple.’ With his mother’s remarriage and a forgotten night of passion, he finds it easier to rid himself the...

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Interview with the wattpad writers. Did I mention that I'm a fan?

Interview with the wattpad writers. Did I mention that I'm a fan?

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Ever wonder how the characters in your favorite wattpad stories got their name? Or how did the writers c...

Ade pauses trying to come up with a way of explaining it without sounding lunatic. Knowing there’s not really a simple explanation, he sighs before answering. “Although it’s statistically untrue, I...
@cherrypop12 yes! My thoughts exactly. Those brothers are all unique in their own ways. It'll be great to see them together again. :D I've remembered how Eli and Adrian used to have banters during the reunions. Hahaha. It'll be fun to see how Eli would react to meeting Sam. 

***Crossing my fingers on the story of their parents.*** It'll be wonderful to read about the parents of the Carter brothers. BUT that's all up to you. Whether you do it or not, I am totally excited for and will continue to support you with the epilogue and whatever future writings you might share with us. :)

Although it’s statistically untrue, I have this notion of marriage being…final. And of course, ‘the bite’ is also irreversible and final. So since I was young, I promised myself I would only mark my...
ITS OFFICIAL. Adrian is my favorite of them all. I mean I love the other Carter brothers but this... This just sealed the deal for me. You can see how far he's gone since meeting Sam. Along with Sam's, his character has just developed beautifully! The trust he put in letting her in and sharing things like these with her is just so amazing. 

I loved that marriage proposal as well. Choosing to do it around those who care about her rather than some uppity, fancy restaurant that Sam doesn't like. Haha. 

Thank you for bringing Dane, Mason, Eli and now Adrian into our lives. 

I hope the epilogue is long and filled with the other Carters. Or that you'd think about writing a couple more chapters because  I don't want to say goodbye. :(

This update had me giggling and squealing like a fan girl. Gah. What a sweet moment- when they admitted their love for each other. 

I'm hoping he tells her about his dead fiancée or that Alix doesn't end up being some relative of her in the end. Oh gosh. He needs to tell her soon. 

I love how these Alix meets the Cantrell family chapters because we can see the different personalities of the boys. Tobias is such a funny, crazy horndog. Hahaha. I missed him. Ou! Titus too. 

Dang it. You've made me fall in love with the Cantrell brothers. Idk which is sadder: I've fallen in love with men who are committed to their women or that these men are all fictional characters. Lol. 

Great work as always! ;)