I love Arrow. 
I love Sam and Dean Winchester also.   

I don't write alone. Sadie, a friend on wattpad, helps me write a majority of my stories.

I wrote these stories when I was in my early teens and did not have the time to edit them, so it's not as polished as other works out there. 

I do love comments and suggestions so if you have any, feel free to message me or post comments.

Loving Again and Book 2 of the Mated series are ON HOLD
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(ON HOLD) Loving Again (Spin Off Novel of Love Me, Again?)

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Description: Spin off OF LOVE ME AGAIN? ---- Struggling with one hell of a heartbreak, Jason finds himself confused and broken in the streets of the ‘big apple.’ With his mother’s remarriage and a forgotten night of passion, he finds it easier to rid himse...

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Interview with the wattpad writers. Did I mention that I'm a fan?

Interview with the wattpad writers. Did I mention that I'm a fan?

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I JUST DIED FROM ALL THE FEELS I WAS BOMBARDED WITH  AFTER ADRIANS CONFESSION. But Sam's awakening brought me back to life. Hahaha. 

I sort of wish she didn't hear any of it, so she'd be conscious when she hears him confess his love for the first time. Haha. It won't be that romantic- with her just coming out of that coma buuut  (either way) I just really want to know how shed react. 

Love the chapter as always! Still dreading the end because I love Adrian and Sam. I cannot wait for a Carter Family reunion. Haha. 

Has writing about their parents crossed your mind? I'd really love to read about a prequel to these series- how the Carter Brothers's parents got together. But if you don't want, it's okay. I've gotten glimpses of their parents from some of the other books and this chapter so I was just really curious. (And because I really don't want to say goodbye yet). :( 

And never apologize if you get too busy. Still at Uni also so I know how it is.  I never really have much time to read updated books unless I force myself to during late nights. (Right now. But this book is worth it, so no regrets!) 

Good luck with Uni and everything else!!! :D