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I am an up and coming (mostly coming) Wattpad writer. If anything I'm known for my taking forever to update. My stories are mostly Harry Potter Fan-fiction but ever so often, when the inspiration hits, I create an original story. I'm easily excited and will honestly jump for joy at a single vote, comment or message. every little thing helps my low writing self esteem and I thank you all for your support. Best of luck to you all, Autumn.


Falling for the Boy Who Lived (philosephers stone+ Harry Hermione fanfic)

Falling for the Boy Who Lived (philosephers stone+ Harry Hermione fanfic)

8 parts / 12 pages, updated Jul 02, 2014G
The Philosephers stone is back! But this time Hermione Will tell you her story! Follow Hermione through her journey as she Falls For The chosen one, The boy who lived, The famous, Harry Potter. <3
2,872 reads votes 66 comments 24
A Marauders Love (Rights to JK Rowling)

A Marauders Love (Rights to JK Rowling)

11 parts / 13 pages, updated Jul 02, 2014PG
*** All settings characters and plot that isn't original are credited to the ever lovley mrs. JK Rowling*** Hello. My name is Haylee Potter, younger... read more
2,794 reads votes 81 comments 18
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What happened??? :(
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If you're still there then hello. I love you and would miss you if you were gone. I won't tell you to have hope or that everything will be okay, I...
》》Depression & cuts 》》

Thank you so much :) and I'm definitely a Nuna shipper as well don't worry ;)
Falling for the Boy Who Liv...

Thanks so much, and I do my best with grammar and such :) hope I don't disappoint I should have another update sometime soon. Also I'm sincerely...
Falling for the Boy Who Liv...

mother of god!! UPDATEEEE. I need more. now. please?
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