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I'm an avid reader, and occasionally I write. As of yet, I have 2 published poems, and one used in teen counseling sessions. 

But beyond that I'm a dork every either way as well. video games, history channel, science channel, college, blah blah. 

And I'm an exotic dancer. 

~If you're lost in the dark, close your eyes~

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Love Across Time. {Book 2} completedYou're Not Alone. {Book 1} completedBy Order of the King

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About time!
Love Across Time. {Book 2} ...

I wonder....wouldnt the frisca from the past exist in this future? It is only 40 years from when she traveled from.
You're Not Alone. {Book 1} ...

I enjoyed this chapter! I never expected vlade to get playful.
You're Not Alone. {Book 1} ...