Hell my fellow followers, well you obviously know my name because its on my profile but for those who don't really pay that much attention my name is Austin Jennings. I currently live in the small hick town of Bethany Missouri, I have eight siblings so my house can be a little overwhelming but I love it. I plan on being a famous author, but I don't really know if that will ever happen, but someday I hope it will. Right now my main project is "The Story of The Everlasting" I have been working on it for nearly a year now and I hope that one day I can get this story published. I'm very friendly and love making new friends, at first I may be a little shy but as you get to know me you learn that I'm not afraid to do what I like and like what I want. 

► Directioner
► Loves making new friends
► Great personality if I do say so myself
►Loves writing, and making movies
►Really empathetic
► If your nice to me I'll be nice to you.

                                                                     Music Interest.
KEY: ♫=Can't live without
          ♪=Can live without
♫ One Direction
♫ Shakira
♫ Justin Bieber
♫ Cher Lloyd
♪ Taylor Swift
♪Grayson Chance

Quotes I like/made

"Me: Don't make me mad!
Friend: Why are you going to turn green and hulk out on me?
Me: No I'll drag you out into the middle of the forest where no one, I mean no one can or will hear your desperate screams for survival.
Friend: I'll be leaving now.
Me: Don't get hit by a bus.. Love you.
Friend: Umh... Sure you do." ~ Austin Jennings (ME)

"Though I hate what I became, I am beginning to love what I'm becoming." ~ The Story of The Everlasting. (Made By Me)

"There is two main components to this world, life and death, and some how I find myself stuck in the middle." ~The Story of The Everlasting. (Made By Me)

"Everyone abides by the universal law which is either you're dead or alive, some how I broke that law because some how I'm dead and alive." ~The Story of The Everlasting (Made By Me)
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Description: Este es mi diario de Español. Yo quiero major mi poco español vocabulario y practico mi español. Mi español es malo asi habrá mucho errores. Si tu hablar español a continuación corregir mi errores por favor.

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