Emmm, Hello? Anyone there?
 Anyhow, just call me Amber, that's my actual first name. I'm not much a people person ( or a morning person either....), I love to read, also started my first year of college..... Oh, and did I mention my random quirks?  Hmm, what else to put? I'm possibly demented....Wonder if dark sense of humor applies here? Anyhow, I'm drawn to the darker side of writing and am currently obsessing over religious-based writings as well; probably due to the book I am currently working on in my spare time.....Hope to publish it someday out in the world, though not sure when. Wish me luck with that.
Also, to note is that while I am generally antisocial, I do not mind decent conversations nor am I blatantly rude to anyone without due cause (cough cough: harassment) and will respond should anyone bother talking to me unless also the Internet is out in my god-forsaken corner of nowhere..... I live out in the country, so lots of Internet problems sometimes. But rest assured, I will reply as soon as I possibly can.

As far as books go:
If it's good I'll read it; If I'm bored enough I'll read it; If it's terrible enough I will comment, otherwise it IS a decent or good read, so don't be horribly offended if I don't comment on something.

And any other questions, just ask. Preferably in a polite manner.
"You've made me hate my own reflection
Question every choice I make
So I could try to be perfect
I won't try to be fake" Sleeping With Sirens, Who are you now?
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The Tears Of Heaven

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Description: Sylvelda is just another Tear Of Heaven, an elf and angel hybrid, preparing for a normal future; marriage, children, feeding off demons....But something went horribly wrong, something to do with her true origin and it's not nearly as heavenly as her...


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