I believe insanity is the thing you should keep close because it helps you to breathe in sanity.
I hold the dark closer to my chest because we treasure the light.
Walking alone is better then walking in false company
Nothing is meant to be perfect. You have to try and they have to fight and that's when it's right.

Lust is a sign that your heart needs to be touched in a way that doesn't request much but you
Your past lands you in your present and your future is the point where you'll stand strong

I'd rather walk in the rain with a smile because the easiest thing is to love and lose but the hardest thing is to love and lose and love once again.

If that bitch broke your heart, touch yourself. You probably can do it better.
Lifes funnier when you're not their average rebel

Finding someone else is easy, finding yourself is hard so don't stop 

Never regret being misunderstood, just take a risk, pick up the pen and write your fears and hopes and every dark secret you're too scared to say out loud.

Well..I think that explained a little
Anyhoo's here's the basics :p

-Any kind of music but come on:
    .Meatloaf, Bon Jovi, Michael Jackson :O A.M.A.Z.I.N.G
-Lilo and Stitch FOREVER
-Buffy, Angel, Stargate Atlantis, Sleep Hollow, Dollhouse ect
-I like teddy bears

Anything else? Just ask :D

Mwah you read this far? My love is yours for a day or two...depends how fun it gets.
I warn you, my stories do contain sex and I do not warn on the chapters. I think it's a part of life not something to be disgusted about. My earlier stories are awful I don't edit those but read at your own risk although I feel like I developed a lot so I'm proud and I won't take them down for that reason :)

Thank you for all the support and please leave feedback but dudes come on...no mean stuff...lets make it positive improvements yeah?
Have a heart cookie thingy
Kinda looks like fucked up boobs...sorry xD
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Just a quick announcement!
I have another account here on wattpad in which I'll be posting straight stories. Those of you who like reading BOYXGIRL stories too should probably click over there.
This account will be for GIRLXGIRL stories however all my older straight stories will still remain.
Anyhoo go check out the new account, I have a new story up on there too which I would love to know your comments on!

Here's my username: _Rebbie_18
Alrighty so I'm gonna cut straight to the chase. I've lost my inspiration or drive to write for my other stories. They'll remain on hold because I don't want to delete them since I'm hoping it will come back to me although I deleted Cold Graves because well...I just don't see it going any further. Sorry to fans but as an aspiring write, I have to stick to my guns.
Anyhoo, I shall be uploading a new lesbian story so check it out and comment and all, this story won't be deleted no matter what since I'm hoping it will be a 'I'm-sorry-here-you-go' story. It's an idea I really like and I hope you will all feel the same.
I have a very good feeling about it and it will certainly be a story that will finally get finished and then hopefully, the other stories which are on hold will continue.
Again, I'm really sorry but I have to follow the flow that I feel and i hope you all understand that xxxx
Hope you enjoy the prologue to my new story! It'll be the first in a series and hopefully you'll comment letting me know what you think, at the bottom of the uploaded part, I've written a bit about the story so check that out if you'd like.
Anyhoo's can't wait to see what you think of it.
The title may change however so just a headsup.