-Hey Beautiful (:
      -I'm Alexander! :D
      -20 you sexy motherfucker you (:
      -Gay <3
      -Don't like it? Go fuck your mom you whore!
      -Takennnnn <3 by @SleepingWithStorme :D *shows fangs* HES MINE! HANDS OFF!
      -BRITISH <3
      -5'4" bitch c:
      -Sexy and I know it :D
      -I like you...
      -And unicorns!
      -Asking Alexandria you dumbass -.-
      -Sleeping with Sirens
      -Mayday Parade
      -Chat me up c:
      -I love talking to EVERYONE c:
      -I think everyone is beautiful cx I'm talking to you beautiful <3
      -Hard life...never going back...
      -People say I'm modest...I say screw you I'm sexy c:
      -I love you O_O
      -No seriously.
      -I really do <3
      -See that fan button? I'd tap that c;
      -Quit perving on me and fan me.
      -The message me c:
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    In Ben Bruce's pants :D
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    3 years ago

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