Like my background? Yup, I like Bright Eyes - especially their songs Poison Oak and Jejune Stars.

  My name is Albus Percival Wulfric Bryan Dumbledore (I guess I'm dead - that sucks...). And I obviously like Harry Potter.

  I'm planning on having only one or two stories on this account - but I know that it's going to be impossible for me.

  See my profile picture? That's true. I think it's a very happy colour. I tried making the shade of yellow brighter but I couldn't because I don't have mad Paint skillzzzz.

  I think I'm an okay writer. But yeah, nothing great going on here.

  If you want, just message me and we can start being best friendz, and I'll probably read your work. (I mean, if it's good. If it says "Omg" or "Lol" in the actual story (Unless they're IMing or something) then I won't continue on with it.  I'm  kind of a Grammar Nazi, but I won't care about the occasional mistake, I'm not that picky...

  If you were wondering, I'm a girl...

  Message me - I would love to have as many friends on here as possible.

  I'm watching you.
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The Crush

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Description: Taya Emonds has had a huge crush on Brian Auguste since she was ten, and Brian's had an aversion to Taya since he was thirteen. Taya had been confused when Brian first stopped being friendly to her, then tried to avoid her completely. Now, in highsc...

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