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Kay, so I don't update often, and barely have time to write because college, and all my stories are forever old so don't kill me. But you should check some of them out anyways. Just for funsies. Or do what you want.

I love John Green, Rick Riordan, and other such authors. Also, SuperWhoLock.

»@red-bloodedPaige Paige is a great writer and one of the first people I met on here. We bonded over a crazy conversation discussion board.

»@MyKissKills She's cray cray in that good way! We wrote a darn lovely song for an oldish man on here, I think he really enjoyed it. Or he might've not seen it. 

»@EraYousef SHE'S BACK ON WATTPAD! A fantastic writer who will become famous and help me to meet famous authors and shtuffs. <3

**I'm a slow writer. I must have motivation and inspiration, so I'll post things when I can. I lose interest as well, but if I get many people asking to update one of my older stories I might muster up the strength to start up again. Thanks, lovelies!**

And that is me in under 2,000 characters. Voila.
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Lay Down Easy: for my grandmother

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Description: This is written about my grandma, who has long suffered from Alzheimer's disease. It's not very good, but it's not really meant to be.


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Wow, two years on Wattpad. That's kind of insane. I will definitely try to continue writing over Christmas break, since I get a few weeks off.
@Freddy3223 Sorry, I've been super busy as of late. If you want my help with a story, I'd be happy to offer my editing services! Just message me a link to your writings (preferably on Google Drive or somewhere I can make notes) and I'll get started. 
Freddy3223 posted a message to Ashez55
so any help on how to start on this wattpad , I will appreciate.. like how do I get followers, and get people to read what I write.. It may be easy for you, cause your really smart.. But I really don't know how to get started..hope to hear from u..
Freddy3223 posted a message to Ashez55
Okay, your really smart, organized, and to me,I feel that you know what your doing when it comes to this writing stuff...so to get this out the way,I really love my wife.. so I won't try to hit on you or nothing like that.. I just want to write some random stuff to get me into the flow of writing my life story.. so I need your help ... if you can, my spelling and grammar are horrible.. I'm not good with computer stuff.. spent allot of my time most my life in hellish vacation