Name Derek S
Location Chair most likely.
Member Since Apr 15, 2012
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Well I finally got my password back, Girlies/Guys.

Anyway I came back and found my picture on another account (Thanks to S for pointing out)
The account is now deleted but seriously? 
I'm removing my picture cause this is messed up and seriously wrong.

Whoever you are, stop it. -___-

Anyway, I'm Derek and until I get the boost of energy to create a better About me you're stuck with this.

I'll try to fan all of you back, if I don't pm, inbox, message me and I'll get right to you.

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@4ustin F*ck you, sincerely Derek the guy who's gonna rip your head off.
Choco-Moco Land ;)

@Im2Sexy4MyCat LOL, I knew he's gay, and you're right I would have picked the one eye'd monster. @4ustin U might be cute in Jer's imagination...
Choco-Moco Land ;)

@Im2Sexy4MyCat As a monster..
Choco-Moco Land ;)

I can't believe you actually wasted you're life writing this shiz...
Choco-Moco Land ;)