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ATTENTION: I am a grammar and spelling addict, so if you ever get offended I'm sorry - I like helping people make their stories better! Is that too mean? D: And if it hurts your feelings, tell me what I said wrong and I'll tell you what I meant, or apologize for being out of line. Although, some stories are so bad I'm forced to.

I may like writing, but nothing I love more is editing.

It is impossible to discourage the real writers - they don't give a damn what you say, they're going to write. ~Sinclair Lewis

The quote I read when I'm in a Writers block.


Im a vampre werwolf forced to marry the half-blood prince of Djetjoerg. EEEEWWW!

Im a vampre werwolf forced to marry the half-blood prince of Djetjoerg. EEEEWWW!

2 parts / 2 pages, updated Aug 11, 2011PGVideo
After Reagan found out that she was a product of her mother's teenage indiscretion and her so-called fathers reason for her abuse, so she... read more
1,021 reads votes 7 comments 11
WattPad Writing Clichés

WattPad Writing Clichés

2 parts / 3 pages, updated May 01, 2011PG-13
Some tips against clichés on WattPad.
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@muonsei I can't believe I wrote this 2 years ago oh my god @__@ (hgjed) and yet it's still relevant. It makes me sort of sad.
WattPad Writing Clichés

I read stories on Wattpad for the main purpose of laughing at bad writing and entertaining myself, so I usually don't comment. (Writers are young,...
Mr. Popular and I

@ToMorrowland13 I was talking about the stereotypical blondes. I have friends who are blonde, yet extremely intelligent, and I have a ton of...
WattPad Writing Clichés

Beautiful You

@alisa235 The problem with the pregnancy isn't the baby, it's because Conard broke the bond. Because of this, she's dying, and her baby is...
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