Hi! Thanks for visiting my profile! I will not divulge any extremely personal information. Sorry to disappoint. But I will tell you that I am agnostic, believe in gay rights, dislike homophobes and I am in love with chocolate covered almonds. I have two best friends in the entire world and one of them is on Wattpad. She is an amazing person and not a bad writer. But not as good as me. JK. :) So, I suppose a description of what I look like is in order. But I won't tell you because I pretty much refuse to look in mirrors. I don't know why. I just do.
I am a fencer. Er, I was. I had an accident and now my knee is all messed up. I hope that one day I will be able to fence freely again because it is a passion of mine and my swords are like extensions of my body. I also use guns, but I am all for gun control. And people, Obama is NOT trying to infringe upon your rights. He's just saying that we don't need AK47 guns in our homes. Honestly. Get over it. I do not support the NRA in any way, shape or form. Sorry. I just don't like it.
Time for some random facts. Let's see. I don't do favorites, I am terrified of needles, I hate the movie Titanic since it's just too sad, I have several conditions, I am utterly insane and I tend to be overly sensitive to things, though I try not to cry.
So, yeah. That's me. Now, get reading. Please.

I could have sworn that I told you to go away.

Away with you now!
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Description: That dark parts in one’s mind, the part that hosts all of those nightmares is the part He longs to control. No one knows what He is exactly. Some claim he is a demon and maybe they’re right. But I, I think he’s a monster who at one time was human...

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The Secret

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Hey. Sorry for the long reply time (Homework and school is KILLING ME). And thanks for your opinion! It means a lot! I actually wasn't going to update this story since I didn't think it was really good, but I think I'll finish it for you. I hope you enjoy!
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"An outfit is the difference between going out to eat on a Saturday with your parents or your boyfriend." Lily simply states.
This is a book that is objectifying girls! And just because a girl wears revealing clothing does not mean that she's a slut!