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Description: This isn't an actual story. It's basically just where I keep my notes, post one-shots and drabbles, and ask questions. So...yeah...

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Got it, bro, got it. 
      You would throw Roxy in there to throw me off my game haha. AND PAN OF COURSE PAN I EXPECT NO LESS OF YOU LIZ. 
      Ugh, dorky Clint Barton is going to be in this and in so excited. Like I love the movie verse Hawkeye but in this story we're going back to the comics because he is absolutely precious.

Aww I love Fitz. I never even thought about him for a BOC but he'd probably be a ton of fun to write as one! I'll see what I can do XD WENDELL. CHASE. WINCHESTERS. GABE. You have fantastic taste in men lol. They're all personal favorites of mine. The bias is strong. I'll for sure try to get as many of them as possible!
Armybrat213 commented on ghost. - stranger danger//2//.

You know what makes me happy? Your comments. Thank you so much for the feedback and whatnot! It means the absolute world to me! XD
      The 100 is an awesome show, but I didn't really like the books they were based off which I think is kind of ironic. It's on Netflix (the first season anyways) and I do highly recommend it.
      My biggest mission is to make sure this story meshes well despite being a mash up of a ton of other fandoms (of all genres) so you saying I do it well makes me so relieved haha!
      I actually had a dream of those elemental drink type things so I figured I'd throw it in :D 
      I'll be sure to fix the mistakes after my finals are over! Thanks again!
Armybrat213 commented on ghost. - friends or not//1//.

Thank you so much! I'm so glad you like my stuff and thanks a million for showing me the errors. I'll go through and fix it when I get home XD
      HA. I figured someone would ask me about Orion sooner or later. He is a not completely mine because I've mixed and matched from a lot of stuff. He is a combo of the game Destiny, my own imagination, and (drumroll please)....Transformers. Did you see that coming? Haha. Orion himself was based off Optimus Prime (whose original name was supposedly Orion Pax). So when I say his voice is deep, I mean deep lol. There are gonna be a few other sparks introduced later on also based off Transformers lol. If you wanna know the little details off what elements belong to who then PM me and I'll let you know haha.
      Anyways, thanks so much again and I hope you continue to enjoy the story!