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Description: What's worse than waking up on the side of the road in the middle of the apocalypse? Waking up on the side of the road in the middle of the apocalypse with absolutely no memory of anything. You don't know who you are or where you were going. All y...

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Thinking Outloud

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Armybrat213 commented on BLACK - Episode 41: Mourn

I couldn't decide which comment to put the reply to, but I'm just gonna do both so I can organize this reply rather than just ramble along to your well thought rambles lol.
      I cut out a lot of little things in past chapters and they were all KitxWynn things but I cut them out just b/c it didn't flow the way I wanted it to. Because of that I feel like a lot of readers forgot about how strong their connection was which was my fault, but the cloud of affection thing was purposely done to try and just show off his emotional strength (I think that's what I was trying to say but for some reason my mind is not working right now).
      I am  SO excited to really delve into Kit's character though b/c there is still so much that hasn't been touched yet and this is just step one.
      Gabrieeeeeellllll. A lot of writing that scene made me think of the episode of SPN where he died fighting his brother. Mainly because he wasn't the main character hero but he set Dean and Sam onto the path to victory and he's basically picking up that role again. He just always seems like the guy that does these great things, but doesn't ever really give himself the full credit he deserves.
Armybrat213 commented on BLACK - Episode 41: Mourn

I liked Shane's character. I didn't like what he did in the show (who the hell did?) but his character was always interesting to me because I feel like he was going down his path and when he reached the fork in the road rather than going right he went left and he just spiraled down from there. Especially because some of the choices he made came from good intention but were way wrong. So then I started to wonder what if he got a second chance and realized just how wrong he was? More than that, what if there was an outside force (the black) whispering in his ear pushing him towards deeds like trying to kill Rick? 
      I dont wanna spoil anything, but you were quite on the money good friend lol. The black is gonna be interesting to write for me and although i feel bad for throwing Rick through the ringer (again) this is gonna be fun (for me at least, readers probably define my fun as heartbreaking but you know...) 
      When I created the black I wasn't entirely sure what path I wanted to go down. I didn't want a devil type villain or a villain that represented pure darkness and evil intention. I wanted to work with something other than just pure evil and so the concept i came up with was chaos. A creature that just feeds of chaos in itself and is amused by how humans reacted to the apocalypse but now that most people have died from the walkers and stuff it's looking to find more chaos to feed off of. So it isn't an evil plan fueling it, but rather just curiosity and a need for chaos to entertain itself. I'm gonna stop myself because i am starting to walk the line of spoilers lol.
      DARYL. I've had a lot of people asking when he was getting back and they were plenty pleased when he showed his dirty face. 
      The connections are so important because of course I don't want each relationship to be the same, but more than that it's gonna play a huge role in the plot itself of the sequel I have planned (b/c obviously I have no freaking idea how to do a stand alone story these days).

XD Aw thank you so much! I do have some Noel planned in future stories if I get around to it!
      VanitasxReader? Do you mean my drabble(s)? I honestly can't remember if I wrote more than one...Now that I think about it I have two. I'm like 90% positive I don't have him as a BOC in any of main my stories (do I? Goodness gracious I should know this lol)
Armybrat213 commented on BLACK - Episode 41: Mourn

It'll probably only get worse with the occasional not so bad part from here on out haha, but it's close to the end so what do you expect? lol
      Thank you so much for the comment though! I'm glad you enjoyed the chapter despite it's rather depressing theme

      And bro, yes, start something. WRITE. Deciding you write a KH/FF fanfic for the first time changed my life because it showed me how much I really love writing in general and it has given me a way to vent and relax.
      Hell yeah, message me when you make a new account. How come you're making a new one?

I can understand being nervous about commenting sometimes, but its almost always worth it in the end I promise!
      Thanks so much! I'm glad you liked it despite the errors I see in it hah. College is good. I still got the 4.0 which means I must be doing something right. Thanks for commenting though I really appreciate it!
Armybrat213 commented on BLACK - Episode 41: Mourn

Your comment 100% made my night dude. I was grumpy, but you turned it around. Thanks bro.
      This is why I put it off for so long because I knew what was going to happen and I just didn't know how to put it to words. It was actually going to end differently, but as I was writing it I decided not to go down my original path.
      I'm gonna be honest with you, when I first came up with the OCs Wynn and Kit it was gonna end mega different. Wynn was still gonna be super close to [Name], but it was gonna be Kit who bit the dust instead. But then everyone fell in love with Kit (including me) and everything changed. They're relationship I had planned from the beginning though and it is still one of my favorite aspects of this story. I thought them up when I had the idea of having these two angels that basically work as one, you know? So two separate entities, but their power and lives are connected making them an unstoppable pair and it just grew from there. I actually had something written out forever ago that delved deeper into their beginnings and the Kit/Wynn relationship, but I ended up cutting it to focus on something else.
      I honestly didn't want Wynn to die, but this opens the door to readers finding out how Kit ticks and i am so excited to go deeper into his personality and character.
      I love Rick so much, but I keep screwing him over. It's gonna be fun to FINALLY write for the black as a real character rather than just this shadow in the background though.
      DARYL IS BACK AND HE IS BACK TO STAY. No more road trips with his brother, he'll be sticking around with the group to help survive the newest hurdle and get Rick back!
Armybrat213 commented on ghost. - the tower//2//.

First let me just thank you from the very bottom of my very thankful heart. I have a lot of people voting on this chapter and reading it so I assume I didn't screw it all to hell, but nobody was leaving me any comments on what I got right and should keep doing or what I got wrong and need to immediately do a U-turn for. So thank you dude.
      I feel like a lot of people probably haven't seen the 100 or have only heard of it which is why i was skeptical to add them but Bellamy Blake is my babe and I need him in this or i might die. Plus Wick is a total perfect dork and Raven is kickass so yeah. The chemistry thing is NOT from the 100. I just made that up from the top of my head b/c I needed something that the reader wouldn't be familiar with. Something that seemed familiar (it being a seemingly normal bar) but it has that touch of 'Holy shit what the hell is this?'. 
      I'm glad you feel that way! My main goal is to make this entire story very smooth when it comes to adding in characters. Like I have an entire page of notes where I'm making connections between shows and movies and games while also making individual connections between certain characters. So thank you for noticing!
      I am mega excited to explore the entire ghost thing while also touching on whole other arcs.