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Description: This isn't an actual story. It's basically just where I keep my notes, post one-shots and drabbles, and ask questions. So...yeah...

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Armybrat213 commented on Shipping Wars - Mina Lowell

I say Zack for a lot of the reasons SilverM said him too haha. Although Terra would work too I guess, but I'm still leaning toward Zackypoo.
      Our OCs would get along I'm sure. Miki basically answers to anything so a nickname wouldn't faze her.
Armybrat213 commented on Shipping Wars - Raine Bendelle

I'm gonna go with Adree on this one and say Jim. I think it'd be an interesting dynamic.
      Ehh I'm tempted to say that your OC probably wouldn't like mine and mine would probably avoid yours. Miki tends to be harsh at times and Raine seems sensitive in the sense that she gets her feelings hurt easily. Which is why Miki would avoid her b/c she knows that her personality doesn't mesh well with sensitive folks.
Armybrat213 commented on Shipping Wars - Autumn Breedon

I agree with SilverM. and think Prompto would be a pretty good fit for all those reasons.
      For the most part Miki and Autumn would get along, but the lying on reflex might put a wedge between them. Miki's the type that expects the truth from those around her even if it hurts. So maybe once or twice would be something she'd try to ignore but if it continued Miki'd start to pull away.
Armybrat213 commented on Shipping Wars - Kyo

Ugh this is gonna be such a cliche answer/ship that it makes me cry a little but I thought of like scenarios for it already and it won't get out of my head. Rufus- I KID. No, in all seriousness though my cliche ship is KyoxReno.
      I'm gonna bypass the obvious little things like his red hair, blue eyes, will force her out of her comfort zone, and whatnot and jump right to the nitty gritty.
      I can just see Kyo pressing and pressing to get information to write on say ShinRa and having a run in with Reno who is beyond ready to keep her from getting anything good. So their relationship starts off as this war for info. Kyo is gunning to get the scoop on ShinRa and the happenings while Reno is mega determined to keep her from finding anything too juicy to go in her writings.
      Miki and Kyo would get along once they started talking to each other and stuff. She'd not only be impressed by Kyo's attention for detail, but the pun thing would amuse the hell out of her.
Armybrat213 commented on Shipping Wars - Kayla Roshan

I'm gonna jump on the Bartz bandwagon. I had someone else in mind then I saw the comments, remembered Bartz existed, and no guy I thought of at that point was as good as him. 
      Miki would admire Kayla's dependability in a fight. I don't really see many reasons why they wouldn't get along.