I like not giving a shit sometimes.

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The Rebel

The Rebel

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Sheridan's patience has run out. mxm manxman

Sympathy for the Devil -manxman-mature-oneshot

Sympathy for the Devil -manxman-mature-oneshot

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The alien was listening all along.

DragonBaBy52 posted a message to ArdeeH
i dont know whats going on with you and i really hope its nothing bad. but i have seriously been waiting and watching for an up date about the practice mate patiently for over a year now. i decided to day i would contact you after waiting so long only to find that my all time fav story has been removed. i would really apriciate it if you could tell me why... i just want an explination as to why such a great story has made no progress. i mean i know you dont have to tell me. but something would be nice so i dont keep sitting around with hope for a story that isnt going to be finished or published...i would so buy it if it were by the way. just please let us know whats going on with this story. thanks.